Review by Kieran Eaton

Cat FM is a fictional radio station created by comedic performers Chris Turner and Alice Winn, who both love cats so much that they want a radio show for cats, made by cats.  This original show sounds like an amazing idea for any cat lover (like myself) to make into a show, yet it does have its challenges.

Like most shows centred on one theme, it can be limiting humour-wise. There is then an over reliance on feline based puns, which is not perfect (or purfect even!) If you embrace the silliness, it is quite clever in its references to present day political issues (basically it’s all Russia’s fault.)  Turner and Winn have amazing comedic chemistry that almost feels like they could read each other’s minds.  They even channel their offstage romance beautifully in the show, displaying a sweet kiss at the end.

Before starting the show, the two give cat stickers out to the audience. This little touch adds to the warmth in the crowd.  Both Turner and Winn wear cat ears on their heads but no other cat costume is displayed in this whimsical performance.  On this night, Turner states that the warm up act has not shown up so he’ll do it as an Australian cat because the warm up act is from Australia. This very short set warms the crowd well enough for the show to begin and this happened with enthusiasm, when he introduces Winn to the stage. They then sit on a radio station setup, to get the mad sketch show to begin.

Full of surreal sketches that take you on a journey, Cat FM is out there fun for to all!


When: 14th – 19th February 2017 | 8:30pm

Where: Noodle Palace | Fringe Central | PERTH

Tickets: $16 – $25

Info: Duration 60 minutes | Suitable 15+