FRINGEWORLD 2017 – NAKED (4.95 stars)

Review by Laura Money

Diana Nguyen is NAKED, metaphorically speaking, of course. In her solo stand-up show, Victorian comedian, Nguyen strips herself bare and exposes all of her soul to her audience. It’s clever and bold comedy that comes from what she knows. Nguyen starts by relaying a story about when she was on the tv show Q&A. Yep, the ABC political show. She questions why she was even considered as a candidate in the first place, but we find out it is because of her incredible work with refugees. It’s a bold way to start the show – it can come across as arrogant to brag about being on tv because you’re special, but Nguyen expresses her awkwardness at being asked questions she doesn’t know how to answer and becomes all of us in that moment. Chugging beer and widening her eyes she’s still not sure how she got away with it!

So, this is Nguyen: a twenty-something, ukulele playing, single, Vietnamese (ish), mother disappointer, and occasional Uber driver. She is so proud of her Uber rating of 4.95 but doesn’t want to brag. It’s these funny moments that make her so likeable. Nguyen is proud of the quirky little things others don’t care about and eschews the mainstream with a passion. Her mother always wanted her to be a doctor – sorry Mum, stand-up comedy called! Nguyen is a natural comic, but her fish-out-of-water stories are where she shines. From always being typecast as a prostitute in tv and movies, to fudging her way through Vietnamese commentary during a footy match, Nguyen has a knack for the awkward.

It is Nguyen’s hilarious impression of her crazy Vietnamese mother that brings the house down! They say that comedy is funniest when you stick to what you know, and Nguyen sure knows how to portray her mother – I almost felt like she had joined the stage. Stripping herself back and becoming vulnerable, this heartfelt comedian has nothing to hide as she is beautifully funny – a truly lovely human being.


When: 16th – 19th February 2017 | 8:10pm

Where: Noodle Palace | Fringe Central | PERTH

Tickets: $19 – 26

Info: Duration 50 minutes | Suitable 18+