Review by Kieran Eaton

John Robertson is back in his home town and better than ever. Robertson knows he has come a long way he does a show that highlight his spectacular crowd work. This comedian has recently been living in the UK honing his craft immensely. His high energy is mesmerising but keeps the audience attention with his amazingly strong presence.

Robertson’s extensive experience in hosting comedy nights makes this night about nothing intensely gripping. The crowd must deal with his ADHD nature in a charming way to bring laughter consistently. Robertson literally grabs audience members drinks and skulls about five, with four from one unsuspecting late arrival. This unpredictability is all about this manic comic showcasing his craft. His natural warmth brings the crowd all together on this journey.

He states the reason for his show lacking a theme was that when he did themed show in Edinburgh, some critics thought that making light of his friend’s suicide is too insensitive. This just fires Robertson up to just talk off-the-cuff, though he does end with a story that highlights his quirkiness. There are occasional chirps about his background but as there is so much crowd interaction you sometimes forget where he is going. Robertson easily makes fun of his looks that are bit like Dr Who mixed with Iggy Pop.  He gracefully moves around the audience like a tiger looking for its prey – where stupidity is his ammunition. This is achieved kindly, so Robertson is an act you should see if you love your comedy unpredictable.

John Robertson – Arena Spectacular was part of FRINGEWORLD 2017