FRINGEWORLD 2017 – Tomas Ford’s CHASE! (4.5 Stars)

Review by Kieran Eaton

How do you describe Tomas Ford? Perth’s King of alternative performance art is a multi-talented superstar of cabaret.  Wearing business clothes and unpretentious spectacles he appears a bit like a cool version of WA labour leader, Mark McGowan. There are many highlights watching Ford in action but what shines mostly is his groovy, powerful singing! Ford combines this with stylish dancing that is perfect for the theme.

This show is very action packed and combines many other emotional explorations, in the experience.  Ford’s show is an artful piece, in having black and white movie images adding to his tale as a spy. This is a perfect tool for his immersive theatrical act. Ford’s manic energy is infectious in getting all on board with this parody of the spy genre. This independent artist is not afraid to get the audience members to do unconventional things like drink water from a spirits bottle and pass a toy gun around, without him grabbing it.  Ford’s unpredictable nature all part of his charm, even making a technical hiccup a laugh out loud moment.  He is such a warm host for this night of frivolity that at the end he gives us all a hug.

Tomas Ford’s CHASE is about death, love, break-ups, coping, and dealing with a job that tests your morality. If wonder what James Bond would be, if Australian than this show will give you a laugh about it and spin you out at the same time.


Tomas Ford’s Chase played in Perth’s FRINGEWORLD 2017

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