MCIF 2017 – Echo Chamber Paul Richards (3 stars)

Review by Greta Chesterman

Paul Richards’ performance of Echo Chamber at The Butterfly Club is an adrenaline injection of cultural data, so yes, unfortunately, a little depressing! Yet, somehow this humanitarian/comedian pulls off his PowerPoint presentation with a bumbling gregarious nature that charms the audience.

Richards opens the show with facts about technology, and media – not before apologising for his British accent remarking ‘ If you’re British, you’re pretty much always going to have to say sorry to someone.’ The show plays out as an interactive performance where Richards asks questions and the audience votes with the aid of flash cards. His teaching background is quite obvious here. Questions such as ‘Is democracy a good thing?’ and ‘ Is tinder good for society?’ stimulate the audience.

Richards argues his opinions with confidence and dexterity, but yes most people in the audience agree that Donald Trump is a bigot and Pauline Hanson is Australia’s Hitler, so what is he trying to prove here?

The show is a slap in society’s face that says hey guys wake up!

I would have liked to hear more about how Trump’s face looks like an orange ball of pushed in Plasticine, and how Pauline Hanson is the one with the racist virus –  not Muslims. But I very much enjoyed Richards’ views on these serious topics, mainly because I align with his opinions. I do feel that Echo Chamber was more of a teacher preaching rather than a comedian preforming. More experimentation – less structure and Richards will go far.


When: 3rd – 13th April 2017 | 10:00pm

Where: Downstairs | The Butterfly Club | MELBOURNE

Tickets: $25-$32

Info: Duration 60 minutes | Suitable 18+ | No wheelchair access