‘Angels & Wolves’ Exhibition

Unveiling of ‘Angels and Wolves’ by Gerard O’Connor and Marc Wasiak

Preview of Art Exhibition by Sumaiya Rizvi

‘Angels and Wolves’ is a gothic fairytale collaboration showcasing artwork by international award winning artists Gerard O’Connor and Marc Wasiak. We were privy to attend the preview of ‘Angles and Wolves’, with the the perfect backdrop for this extraordinary exhibition held the Melbourne Flower Merchant in Bourke Street.

Angels and Wolves is an art exhibition that boasts the elements of photography. The theme is gothic, and true to it’s name ‘Angels and Wolves’, the artwork encapsulated dark and mystical set designs with gothic undertones of red floral elements, elaborate costumes and make up. The seven masterpieces within the exhibition were titled ‘Wedlock’, ‘Phenomena’, ‘Archangel’, Triumveratae’, ‘Disciple’, ‘Gregori Trinity’ and ‘Canis Lupas’ showcasing the ‘Angels and Wolves’.

O’Connor is an art director with a creative eye to photography whilst Wasiak is a genius stylist. They worked tirelessly in pre-production to create elaborate sets and props to achieve a finished shot that adds to their initial vision. Over the years O’Connor’s pictures have won awards and industry accolades.- such as The Art and Design Award for Best UK magazine award in 2004.

The ‘Angels and Wolves’ artwork is available to purchase in few different sizes at a price range of $5500 to $1800 and for more information you can contact gerardoconnorphotopgraphy.com.

You can now view these striking prints at The Flower Temple QV 18-22 Artemis Lane, Melbourne until Sunday 4th June.

Images Courtesy of Stu Morley

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Angles & Wolves presented by Gerard O’Connor & Marc Wasiak


Celebrating Art at its finest, guests were invited to dress in their Gothic darkest to view the exhibition opening night of Angels & Wolves, whilst mingling with characters from the portraits and being treated to a short film featuring scenes from the photo shoot at the dramatic National Heritage Trust Labassa Mansion.


This event was opened by Alasdair Foster, international curator, accompanied by Black Vodka cocktails and canapes by Tommy Collins.

The National Trust approached Gerard O’Connor and Marc Wasiak to collaborate on an original work featuring national heritage listed Labassa. The project drew inspiration of real stories and lavish dinner parties held by the families in the late-nineteenth and early twentieth century.


This truthful fairytale production took months in preparation for the three day shoot that took place in June 2016, with dedicated professionals volunteering their time to realise the vision.


Stylist Marc Wasiak and his team sourced costumes and props from across Australia, as well as having incredible jewels and wings handmade for this project and the most extravagant floral installations. During the shoot, O’Connor and Wasiak were supported by an extensive crew including a team of hair and Special Fx make-up artists. It was the wonderful cast, however, who brought the scenes to life.


‘From the darkness of the House comes a detailed tale of fictional facts, a time where fairy tales meet reality. A gothic fact finding mission of truths and dares straddling the mystic mayhem of our animal nature yet glittering future.’

‘The mystical whisper from the past speaks volumes about our future. The flowering testament to a beautiful past with a glittering future’ describes O’Connor.


‘It’s always wonderful exhibiting overseas but so exciting showing our work here in Melbourne, our home town where the work was created,’ says Wasiak


The photographic series aptly titled ‘Angels and Wolves’ consists of 7 large format photographs and they have been selected by the City of Melbourne to be a part of their Melbourne Spring Fashion Festival curated October 2017.


The exquisitely staged exhibition has now relocated to The Flower Temple QV 18-22 Artemis Lane, Melbourne, showcasing the prints  until Sunday 4th June.



About the artists:

Gerard O’Connor and Marc Wasiak are an award winning team of dynamic artists. Gerard is a photographer, set and film maker. Marc a wardrobe, prop and set designer. For over 20 years they have made massive complex tabloid work together. Their imagery has received acclaim both in Australia and Internationally.

They work tirelessly in pre-production to create elaborate sets and props often from scratch to achieve a finished shot that adds to their initial vision. Many of the duo’s pieces evoke historical scenes, from ‘The Funeral’ to ‘The Battlefield’.


Gerard O’Connor is the previous winner of the Canon AIPP Australian Professional Photographer of the Year award. Gerard’s unusual approach, his keen eye for detail and his gift for story telling soon found him in great demand with commissions from commercial clients, in which he developed the concept, and directed all creative stages from casting to post-production to editorially for magazines which allowed him to further explore his personal creative vision. As his reputation grew, he began to work for clients internationally.


Marc Wasiak is a stylist whose talents span across the worlds of art, fashion and advertising. With innovative ideas and at the forefront of emerging trends his work is quick to be featured in runways, magazines and campaigns. In 2016, Marc opened the week with both R.M.I.T and the emerging designer runways for MSFW.

The visionary creatives Gerard O’Connor and Marc Wasiak have been independently staging these elaborate large format photographic series for more than a decade. Their larger than life works have earned them much acclaim and recognition from established industry bodies.



Winner of Essence of St Kilda Photography Prize 2011 – Moran Art Prize Finalist

Winner of Cannon Professional and Fine Art Australian – Bowness Art Prize Finalist 2012

Photographer of the Year 2011 – www.marcwasiak.com

Best International work at the Pingyao International – www.gerardoconnorphotography.com

Photography Festival 2011 – www.facebook.com/victorianaexhibition

Moran Art Prize Finalist 2011 – https://www.instagram.com/gerardphotophoto/


For more information, please contact:

Gerard O’Connor  0414 929 723 gerardphoto@gmail.com

Marc Wasiak 0414 677 066 marc@marcwasiak.com