Melbourne restaurant Burma Lane combines fine food with impressive Modern Australian street art and compelling photography

• New exhibition, Seasons of Gold, celebrates the new Burma Lane menu and striking floor to ceiling artwork in collaboration with talented Melbourne photographers to champion the Australian-Asian identity of the restaurant

• Four up and coming photographers set amidst the inspiring Mike Eleven mural, bring the many faces of the restaurant’s identity to life

• Exhibition runs from May 30 to June 30 at Burma Lane on 118 Little Collins Street

Four gifted young photographers have been hand-selected thanks to their Australian-Asian background, working in synchronicity with the culinary ethos behind Burma Lane. Each artist’s chosen work will be projected directly onto the wall, becoming one with the existing striking artwork by another talented young Australian-Asian, Mike Eleven. A prominent street artist and creative talent, Mike Eleven is also the curator of the new work, and will oversee the entire artistic delivery.

Korean-Australian Jaz Blom presents work subsequent of her desire to travel, and a way of communicating and documenting the world around her. Her selection has derived from a larger body of work reflecting a recent trip back to her country of birth, aiming to open up a dialogue focusing on Korea’s social disparities, which parallels to their enormous economic growth in recent times.

Indian-Australian Anu Kumar is captivated by diversity in culture and circumstance, and seeks to portray these alternate realities through the humble beauty in people’s unexpected and everyday moments. Her selection of photo stories offers a glimpse into strangers’ lives at a fun fair, giving her the opportunity to connect with her own Indian heritage and explore identity, as a woman born in India and raised in Australia.

Singaporean-Australian Thomas Lim is inspired by the uncertainty and excitement of getting the candid and unposed shot in public, a moment that cannot be replicated. A self-described street photographer, Thomas watches people going about their daily life, looking for the decisive and ambiguous moment to be revealed. His selection has a boldness that leans on both geometry and truth in this context.

Malaysian-Australian Bryan Tang is inspired by the different people he comes across and their environments and strives to portray a realistic if not beautiful view of them within the confines of fashion. His selection is a powerful portrait series of a group of Asian Australians and their experiences growing up/living in Australia. Each individual provides a quote that challenged their identity and place, regardless of if they were born or have lived here for a significant amount of time.  

Information & Images Courtesy of Apples + Pears Entertainment Group/Burma Lane

Connie Lambeth – The Australia Times Gourmet – Food/Wine/Events

Beef tartare, kohlrabi cream, quail egg, paratha
Food spread 1

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