National Burger Day

Sunday 28th May – Melbourne & Sydney

As Culinary and Brands Director at Rockpool Dining Group, Chef Neil Perry is a man who definitely knows his burgers. Here are a number of options to get your teeth into:  


JFC Burger ($13.50)

Think outside of the box with Saké Jr’s Japanese Fried Chicken (JFC) burger.

Chef Neil Perry collaborated with Saké Jr chefs to create amazing Japanese Fried Chicken, which proved so popular that it metamorphosed into the JFC burger.

Crisp JFC is joined with kimchi, dashi slaw, sesame seeds, and Saké Jr signature sauce, sandwiched between a light bun.



Neil Perry’s Favourite Burger ($11.50)

Chef Neil Perry is adding his favourite burger to the menu at Burger Project on National Burger Day, which will be available throughout June.

It’s the perfect combination of a 36-month Cape Grim Tasmanian grass-fed beef patty, topped with American cheese, sliced onions, house-made pickles, Burger Project secret sauce, and rose mayonnaise – which is topped with loads of bacon.

Why is it his favourite combo? “The umami smack from the rose mayo, and smokiness and saltiness from the bacon add a flavour punch that takes our incredibly moist and fresh house-made Cape Grim beef patty to the ultimate level,” says Neil.

On National Burger Day, customers can score free chips when they purchase Neil Perry’s Favourite Burger between 3-6pm. Customers can jump the queue by pre-ordering on the Burger Project App. In addition, customers who order any burger through the APP during our cheeky National Burger Week (May 28th-June 4th) are in with the chance of winning free burgers for a year (52 burgers in total: 1 per week).


Decadent Wagyu Burger ($26)

The renowned David Blackmore full blood Wagyu burger with bacon, Gruyere cheese and Zuni pickle at Rockpool Bar & Grill is considered Australia’s burger of burgers for good reason, having inspired the launch of the Burger Project fleet (which now spans 11 stores across three states).
Neil says: “The wonderful fattiness of the Wagyu picks up the smoky quality of the wood-fired grill perfectly. Our house-made zuni pickles (inspired by Judy Rogers’ pickles at Zuni Café in San Francisco) are a significant part of what this burger is about. To finish we added bacon, a slice of nutty gruyere, and our house-made tomato relish. All these flavours are brought together on a brioche bun. It’s a triumph of incredible produce and flavours.”


Read Neil’s History of the Burger in Australia here

Information & Images Courtesy of Rockpool Dining Group

**Connie Lambeth – The Australia Times Gourmet – Food/Wine/Events

Neil Perry's Favourite BurgerJFC burger