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Naturally Good Expo Sydney

6 June 2017

Words & Images by Daria Kill-Smith

It was evident upon entering the Naturally Good Trade Expo at the Darling Harbour Exhibition Centre, things would never be the same. I was greeted with a larger-than-life sign advertising toothpaste, distributors seemingly keen to get their whitening miracle into the world – a sample of which was to be found in the calico gift-bags hanging on stands at the entry. And why not, I say! – but mud and charcoal toothpaste? A parade of honeys, granolas, and milks – camel and the more controversial raw, every-purpose teas, macro and organic chocolates, vegan and gluten-free caramels, nut-free fruits, and salts – from the Dead Sea infused with gold or even to use as a cooking hotplate!

The assortment of stands was astounding and endless.  I took it as a sign of things to come, and before too long it was obvious that that temptress who’d seduced us with her ruffles and curves, and promises of health and vitality, was to be usurped by the new kids on the block. Oh darling kale! How we’ve loved you! But we’re a fickle lot, us health-conscious, eco-aware, organic-vegan-gluten-free-egg-free-dairy-free, non-GMO, paleo-loving consumers! Your frills of emerald, ground into smoothies or baked into crisps are no match for the fleshy tempting, smooth and glossy bulbs that have found their way into our whole-food loving consciousness. TURMERIC HAS ARRIVED! And it was everywhere! Piles of bright orange and fiery red, full fresh, dried and ground; promising that I could drink you in a latte, eat you in a protein ball, or play with you as a face mask – the possibilities for the turmeric revolution are endless! Turmeric is the new super-food, and ably held its own along with the coconuts – oils for cooking, drinking and rubbing; crisps for munching; and yes, even in my new tube of activated charcoal toothpaste! Hold your tubers high, turmeric, you belong there, and a fine health-food rival you made alongside the hemp proteins, activated almonds, and kombuchas.


But your greatest rival of all is our perennial favourite – PEANUT BUTTER! Were there peanut butters! Organic, powdered, chocolate-flavoured, and macro-friendly.


I left the extraordinary selection of 450+ exhibitors and thousands of visitors, warmed with a new-found love and promise for a spicy future with peppery-keen turmeric; but still happy in the knowledge that the more things seem to change, the more they stay the same!

Connie Lambeth – The Australia Times Gourmet – Food/Wine/Events

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