Miracle Village Knock West Ireland

The International Knock


When Bus Eiraenn service number 64 from Sligo arrived at Knock, County Mayo of West Ireland, one third of the passengers got off the bus.

DSC01010 Bus Eiraenn 64 arriving Knock small

Bus Eiraenn arriving Knock



“The Knock of 1879 was an out-of-the-way village, not long recovered from the Great Famine. On the evening of August 21st, with the rain lashing, 15 villagers claimed to see holy apparitions on the side of the Catholic Church, suddenly aglow. In the centre appeared the Virgin Mary, her eyes trained heavenward, and, by her side, St. Joseph and St. John the Evangelist. The images neither moved nor spoke.” – The Irish Times, May 14, 2017

Two church commissions in 1879 and 1936 investigated the Apparition to confirm the claim was ‘trustworthy and satisfactory’. Visit of Pope John Paul II in the centenary of the Knock Apparition in 1979 and Mother Teresa’s visit in 1993 made Knock well-known to the world.

DSC00947 The Church of Apparition Knock small

The Church of Apparition Knock

Statue in the rain

Rachael Salmon’s great-grandfather Dominick Byrne (Senior) was one of the 15 Apparition visionaries. At age 3 or 4, Rachael was first told by her grandmother about the Apparition but she was too young to understand.

“Statue in the rain, is all I can remember from what grandma told me.” Rachael smiled.

Across the Main Road on the other side of Knock Shrine, the Salmon family bought, renovated and opened a holiday lodging The International in 2016, caters for groups of 12-36 people.

Tranquil at day and peaceful at night, The International amazingly makes people feel like an extension of Knock Shrine.

Rachael manages the property for her brother-in-law Frank Salmon, a businessman based in London yet very keen on investing in his home town Knock.

DSC00774 The International kitchen & lounge small

The International – kitchen & lounge

DSC00725 Bedroom small



East Mayo Ramblers

Mayo is one of Ireland’s largest counties which offers a range of sceneries and landscapes including a Greenway stretching from Westport to Achill along the Atlantic Coastline.

With much dedicated efforts by enthusiastic walker Michael Sloyan and his fellow East Mayo Ramblers, Knock will soon be officially included in the Irish Greenway which ultimately would be extended to Dublin.

I was lucky to have Michael spending a day with me walking through the then and now of Knock, then joined the East Mayo Ramblers for their usual evening walk.

DSC01253 East Mayo Ramblers small

East Mayo Ramblers

DSC01275 Knock ancient road small

Ancient road of Knock


Catherine Murray’s miracle story

At Bekan Village Cemetery, Michael told Catherine Murray’s miracle story.

9-year-old Catherine was the second youngest of the 15 visionaries to the Apparition at Knock. She passed away at age 14 in 1884.  70 years later, the Murray family tried to bury the grandmother with Catherine to discover that Catherine’s body remained the same as she was buried 70 years ago.

Catherine’s grave has become a praying site for healing of sickness.

DSC01076 Bekan Village Cemetery small

Bekan Village Cemetery

John Curry the youngest and last surviving visionary

We visited an authentic Irish thatched-roof house with a connection to John Curry. John was the youngest and last surviving visionary of the Apparition at Knock. 5-year-old John had to be lifted up by an 11-year-old cousin to see over a wall what he called the “grand babies” in the Apparition.

Eugene, father of the present property owner, generously showed us in the house.

The rendezvous of Michael the ‘carpenter’ and Dennis the ‘thatcher’ was somehow miraculous to me. Michael did the wood base and Dennis thatched the roof of the house without knowing each other. Decades later, the two masons returned to meet for the first time in this legendary house.

DSC01174 200-year-old thatched-roof house small

200-year-old thatched-roof house

Knitting and crocheting “ the story behind

Knitting and crocheting is popular in Ireland as sheep farming produces high quality woollen.  For Rachael Salmon’s friend Leonie Kilroy, the craft reminds her of the irreversible years she and her sister spending together. It began as Leonie accompanied her beloved sister in illness. The nurse told them to “find something to do with the hands to release the mind”. Perhaps that’s why Leonie’s craft pieces seem to carry a special sentiment “the beautiful flower bouquet, ladies hats, shawls, bags, shoes and baby garments”. Some of Leonie’s knitting & crocheting works can be purchased in the Knock Museum, weekend market and Christmas market.

DSC01348 Leonie Kilroy & Rachael Salmon small

Rachael Salmon (right) & friend Leonie Kilroy (left)

Knock Shrine holy water

Pilgrimage visitors fill bottles of Knock Shrine holy water to bring home to family, relatives and friends. I did not.  I am graceful for being blessed by this miracle village with friendship, adventure and a most wonderful stay at The International.

To go

Bus Eiraenn – http://www.buseireann.ie/

To stay

The International – http://theinternational.ie/

10 unsuited bedrooms for groups of 12-36 people (485 Euro/night up to 20 people, 18 Euro/person/night thereafter)


To visit & to do

Knock Shrine – https://www.knockshrine.ie/

Knock Museum – http://www.museumsofmayo.com/knockfolk.htm

East Mayo Ramblers – https://www.facebook.com/East-Mayo-Ramblers-1443417039280159/

It’ a Mad Hatter – https://www.facebook.com/Its-The-Mad-Hatter-1379363085649746/


Photos by Troy Nam