Interview with Producer of Feathered and Fierce at Sydney Fringe Festival


‘FEATHERED AND FIERCE’ Premieres at Sydney Fringe Festival Next Week Tuesday 5th Sept… 

Interview with Producer: Lauren Eisinger

by Connie Lambeth

Minutes into conversation with Producer Lauren Eisinger this week, my imagination held the front row seat of a ‘hot new warehouse venue’ at the Sydney Fringe Festival, member of an audience immersed in the ‘unorthodox’ new show ‘Feathered and Fierce’. Whether such imaginings were due to absorbing a slice of Lauren’s passion about a show she declares ‘fresh and experimental’, or the mind escaping to a glamorous world of exotic Latin dance moves, my experience was akin to the anticipation felt ahead of the curtain raise. Except I was in Melbourne and Lauren was at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival!

‘Feathered and Fierce’, which premieres Tuesday 5th September on a 5 night run, is a collaboration between Director and Choreographer, Amy Mills, and Producer Eisinger, who is regarded for her striking circus and stage productions, both in Australia and internationally. World Samba Solo Champion 2015, and an award winning dance coach, Director Amy has led her ‘all female team’ to three National Samba Championships, and is one of  eight performers set to take to the stage. Together Amy and Lauren bring a unique theatre experience to their home town Sydney, with Lauren disclosing just how excited she felt to be bringing their story to their own community.

There’s an outstanding pool of talent among the other award-winning dancers, including ‘a Latin powerhouse’, and a couple of classically trained dancers turned Samba performers, all with extraordinary levels of fitness, and the resolve to continually perfect their technical skills.

I was curious about priorities leading up to the opening night of their stage debut. Lauren drops words like ‘lists, focus, fitness, drill, practical details, trouble-shooting, clearing schedules, mental battles, flexibility, and rolling with what’s going on’. It doesn’t stop there, as after each night’s performance, the team will brainstorm and share their points of view, to see where they can ‘ramp up one part of the show where the audience reacted with gusto, while toning down another, deemed not the deal the performers expected’.

Lauren says that while people can expect plenty of glamour and glitz, there’s also a raw, pared-back reality, revealing the ‘strength, grit, and determination’, including wins, and sometimes failures, that it takes to be a consummate professional in the world of Latin American dance.

Prepare to be in awe of the fitness of these extraordinary performers. Expect to be thrilled, challenged and entertained. This promises to be an immersive experience, where performers remain in this intimate theatre space throughout the show, alongside their real-life props. In fact Lauren suggests ‘if you’ve come along expecting to see a dance concert’ you’re in the wrong theatre! The aptly named ‘Feathered and Fierce’ is for the adventurous looking for something out of the ordinary.

 “Eight powerful women push their physical and mental limits without restraint. In this stripped back space you’ll see the sweat, hear every breath, feel the camaraderie and find the drive that fuels this world-class team, she said.”

Lauren suggests that ‘Feathered and Fierce’ offers huge appeal to a diverse audience, including young professionals, families, and anyone looking for a bold new show, where performers at the top of their game share their story.

Feathered and Fierce will feature a soundscape unique to the troupe’s shows: a mix of instrumental Latin rhythms and modern pop music’. 

 “This is Latin dance like you’ve never seen it before,” says Lauren Eisinger.

So settle back. It’s almost curtain call, where all will be revealed. 


What: Feathered and Fierce, theatrical dance show at Sydney Fringe Festival 2017

 Where: HPG Festival Hub Stage One, 225 Euston Rd, Alexandria, Sydney

When: 7:30pm, 5 – 9 September 2017

 Tickets: Adult $25, Concession or Under 12 $22, Group 6+ $22.

All tickets available from

**Sydney based writer Roswitha Schleicher, will be attending the premiere of ‘Feathered and Fierce’ for The Australia Times News, as a guest of Rain Fuller – Fuller PR


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