‘The Stiletto Woman’ – an empowering new book by Marisa Ferraro

Words by Sarah Gill – Images Courtesy of Kon Iatrou

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Mon Bijou is located in an alley way off Melbourne’s Flinders Lane. A red carpet and neon sign are the only hints of this secret little bar, evoking a ‘celebrity feel’.

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Photo by Sarah Gill
Photo by Sarah Gill

A speedy lift to level 10 and I’ve arrived at this unique penthouse venue with ‘floor-to-ceiling’ windows revealing panoramic views of the inner city skyline. Handed an espresso martini, it was hard to miss the bar with a guest lineup of martinis. Plus plenty of sparkling wine of course! The ceiling provided an interesting conversation point, with pink hexagon shapes reflecting the crowd below. It was intriguing and made for a great photo opportunity. The canapés on offer were zesty and fresh, with my favourite the moorish smoked trout mousse on a petite pancake.

Photo by Sarah Gill
Photo by Sarah Gill

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The launch of ‘The Stiletto Woman’ by Marisa Ferraro seemed the perfect fit for this luxe venue, part of the Adelphi Hotel. As the book is all about sister solidarity, Mon Bijou is certainly the place to bring the girls.

This is a book that tells it like it is. It gives you the support and pep talk you need to find your way through the issues many women face today in the dating world, and the search for the right partner. ‘The Stiletto Woman’ is about taking control of your love life and finding empowerment in that control.

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The designer crowd matched the designer venue, with guests exuding sophistication, confidence, and empowerment, ideally enhancing the themes of Marisa’s book.

“Take control of your love life and find your happiness by rediscovering the beautiful woman that is you.”

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Mon Bijou

187 Flinders Lane, Melbourne VIC


**Sarah was a guest of Helen Reizer HRPR

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Photo by Sarah Gill
Photo by Sarah Gill