Vegemite is set to redefine the taste of summer today as it announces an all Aussie collaboration with one of the nation’s top chefs and burger establishments.

From Wednesday 17th of January, patrons attending the Australian Open will get the first taste of the delicious collaboration between Neil Perry, Burger Project and one of Australia’s most loved brands, Vegemite.

 The Vegemite Burger will be available at the Burger Project pop-up at the Australian Open, as well as all 12 Burger Project stores across Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, until January 28. 

The iconic Aussie spread will complement a range of premium ingredients including Burger Project’s famous beef patties, which are hand-made on site daily from grass-fed Cape Grim beef from Tasmania.

 Neil Perry has created the premium Vegemite Burger in line with the ethos of Burger Project: to use premium ingredients and support local producers.

 Neil Perry said, “Vegemite is synonymous with our Australian way of life. Its unique taste, smeared on a soft milk bun, alongside our premium beef patty, mayonnaise, fresh lettuce, tomato and crunchy onions, has resulted in an intense depth of flavour we think burger aficionados will love. I’m excited to be given the opportunity to collaborate with such an iconic Australian brand and hope it’s enjoyed by all Australians.”

 Vegemite while predominately known as a breakfast spread you have on toast, has long been used in recipes including classic Christmas gravies, scrolls and even Chocolate cake!

 Adam McNamara, General Manager of Bega Foods and Vegemite believes this is yet another perfect pairing for Vegemite, and is thrilled to be partnering with an Australian culinary icon.

 “We feel privileged that such a notable and highly regarded chef has celebrated our favourite spread by incorporating it with one of his burger recipes.

 “The product’s unique and iconic flavour, paired with Neil Perry’s culinary brilliance has created a really great combo for everyone to get excited about.”

 McNamara continued, “Vegemite is still bouncing off its opportunity to fuel 350 ballkids this year at the Australian Open. We think the Neil Perry Vegemite Burger is a perfect summer lunch or dinner, whether you’re at the Open or out and about.”

Neil Perry_Vegemite Burger

Information & Images Courtesy of Burger Project/Vegemite/Rockpool Dining Group – Rachel Lebihan


Connie Lambeth – The Australia Times News

Editor GOURMET – Food/Wine/Events




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