Catering boxes new to Oriental Teahouse – Melbourne

Yum-cha heavyweights Oriental Teahouse, known for their authority on traditional teahouse experiences, are bringing their menu to the comfort of homes and offices around Melbourne with an exciting new catering box bound to satisfy taste buds all over town.

Menu items served hot to your door consist of the restaurant’s most popular selection of dumplings, spring rolls and more.

Buyers have the choice to select from dozens of items including crispy-skinned chicken ribs, BBQ pork buns, and even their melt-in-your-mouth Chinese Wonka chocolate dumplings, guaranteed to warm you through the coming winter months.

The catering boxes are offered in two sizes – regular and large. A regular size can hold up to three varieties, feeding approximately five eager eaters.

If catering for a small get-together, the large catering box is the perfect solution for covering a wide spectrum of tastes. With a large box containing up to five varieties, this option is suited for that Friday night footy game with mates or Sunday BBQs with extended family.

In addition to condiments served up in spades, catering boxes also offer add-ons, for those who want to cover all bases with their catering style. Think generous sides of their legit special fried rice or Szechuan pepper chicken – the perfect side note for their signature dumplings.

Depending on what is ordered, prices start at $100 for catering boxes, with no minimum spend for all pick-up orders. Oriental Teahouse currently service the CBD if a delivery is required, suited for office boardroom meetings or city-based special events.

Deliveries apply to orders starting at $500, which is aimed at larger gatherings.

Any order for a catering box also needs to be placed at least 48 hours ahead of time, guaranteed to elicit unified gasps for when the box is initially opened.

Oriental Teahouse maintains the notion that the best life happens around good food and good company – the new catering range stays true to this concept, offering beautiful boxes that look and taste exceptional in any setting.

Oriental Teahouse Catering Boxes 

Price: $100 – $400 depending on size of catering box and contents selected

How to order: call Oriental Teahouse on 9804 7963 or email

**Information & Images Courtesy of Oriental Teahouse/supplied by Zilla & Brook – Leigh-Anne Ramirez


Connie Lambeth

The Australia Times News

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