Winter is officially here and we’ve sure been hit with an icy blast. Although not everyone loves the cold weather, there is one thing that we can agree on – it’s the perfect season for hot chocolate.

Providing us with some relief from this chilly weather is Master Pastry Chef & Chocolatier, Pascal Javier of Callebaut Chocolate, who has put together the most delicious hot chocolate recipe – ultimately providing us all with a ‘hug in a mug‘.

Made using Callebaut’s finest Belgian chocolate, the recipe undertakes a two day process to create a velvety consistency – leaving you with a rich, decadent hot chocolate that sweetens your day with each sip.

Pascal has shared his very special hot chocolate recipe for those at home to create in the warmth of their own home.

The Ultimate Callebaut Hot Chocolate

by Pascal Javier

Day 1 – Prepare the Ganache



  • 750 gr. Cream                   
  • 75 gr. Inverted sugar    
  • 500 gr. Callebaut Dark Bittersweet Callets 54.5%
  • 100 gr. Callebaut Cocoa Mass Callets


  1. Boil together the cream and inverted sugar.
  2. Pour the hot cream and inverted sugar onto the chocolate and let sit for 3 minutes before stirring.
  3. After 3 minutes begin stirring from the centre, until a vortex starts to form. Once formed, slowly widen the stirring motion.
  4. Let the finished ganache sit out overnight.

Day 2



  • 1450gr. Cream
  • 1450gr. Whole milk


  1. Boil the cream with the milk.
  2. Add the ganache created on day 1.
  3. Bring to 65C before serving.

Crafted in the heart of Belgium from Bean to Chocolate since 1911. Passed on from generation to generation, Callebaut’s love for the finest Belgian chocolate has no boundaries. Callebaut chocolate is relied on every day by chefs and chocolatiers around the country and the world to craft truly delicious creations.

**Recipe and Title Image Courtesy of Pascal Javier

**Information & Chocolate Images Courtesy of Callebaut Chocolate/Evil Twin PR

Callebaut Chocolate
Callebaut Chocolate

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