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We’ve all had some unpleasant surprises, haven’t we? Like when the “Poisson et frites Anglais tradionelle” on the restaurant menu turned out to just be fish & chips. Or when the premium coffee at the new “must visit” spot just doesn’t match up to your regular hole-in-the-wall’s brew.

Well, I enjoy good wine and so often an expensive or fancy-labelled bottle doesn’t live up to expectations. This was definitely not the case with their latest addition – the Edenvale Premium Reserve range.

Edenvale have been using cutting-edge advances to make alcohol-removed wines since 2006, and their wines have been a regular presence on the shelves of most good retailers for years. They recently upped their game with the introduction of three premium wines: two sparkling wines – a Shiraz and a Chardonnay-based Blanc de Blanc, alongside a still Pinot Noir.

Having never tried an alcohol-removed wine before, I approached this tasting with a healthy dose of scepticism, only to be very pleasantly surprised. Where I expected glorified grape juice, there was a very real sense of cultivar integrity. The Blanc de Blanc had a fresh and engaging citrus and blossom aroma, with some distinct green apple flavour. It has a dry finish, looks beautiful in the glass and is a very refreshing aperitif.


The standout for me was the Premium Reserve Sparkling Shiraz. It was honestly hard to believe that this was alcohol-removed wine. It kept me coming back for a sniff and a taste time and again. Twice, after emptying my glass and thinking: “oh, I really shouldn’t have more”, I remembered that I most certainly could! This is a lovely, guilt-free treat; I’ve already ordered a case for the summer.

The Premium Reserve Pinot Noir is light and accessible, with the nose being a bit shy at first. It was slightly petulant, with lots of red fruit flavour. This is not going to replace your big Barossa Shiraz, but that’s not what it tries to do. This wine is sure to become a staple for the “designated drivers”!


Having read a number of the testimonials on the Edenvale website, I am more persuaded than ever about the importance of the alcohol-removed wine category in the market. After hearing stories of so many who have had to stop drinking wine, but miss it as a social ritual or just miss the taste, I am grateful for what Edenvale is doing. And I suspect my respect will keep growing with each glass of that Sparkling Shiraz heading my way.


Edenvale Beverages is a privately owned company established in 2006 and founded on the philosophy of delivering innovative, profitable, high quality beverage brands to consumers worldwide. Edenvale has been developed to offer consumers a superior quality, alcohol removed Australian wine beverage of choice. Underpinning the innovative nature of our brand development philosophy is a dedication to embrace and research the latest technologies to ensure continual product enhancement. As a result of this dedication, the Edenvale range has adopted a leadership position within the Australian drinks sector. Edenvale provides a healthy alternative, high in antioxidants and low in calories. Further information:

*Edenvale is currently sold through stockists and their online websites, such as Dan Murphy’s, Coles, Woolworths and IGA. You can also buy it online at


**Andrew Kemp is a Sydney based writer and self-confessed wine enthusiast.

**Thank you to Evil Twin PR for the collaboration.

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