Are these three young Aussie entrepreneurs about to make wearable tech go mainstream?

Wearable tech has long been the domain of early tech adopters but hasn’t always been accessible due to affordability for some. Now three young entrepreneurs from Adelaide, Australia are gearing up to launch a crowdfunding campaign to introduce the mainstream population to smart rings, at a lower price than any of their global predecessors.

Meet elppy – the smart ring which the trio say is both affordable and useful to the everyday user, and which has unlimited possibilities in use, with it’s built in swipe, control and bluetooth enabled hardware.

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Sydney Pollution Damaging Health: Report

      Air pollution from all sources is capable of adversely affecting Sydney-siders, a comprehensive review of the health effects of particles in air pollution has confirmed.  The Woolcock Institute of Medical Research and Centre for Air Quality and Health Research and Evaluation (CAR) in Sydney have published the largest-ever review of evidence to come out … Read more



In 1888 Tom Roberts, along with Arthur Streeton and Charles Conder became foundation members of the Victorian Artists’ Society when the Victorian Academy of the Arts and the Australian Artists’ Association merged.

In 2001 on this day, In the Artists Footsteps, the first educational website to bring together the lives and works of Australia’s most famous early artists, was launched at Parliament House, Canberra at the doors of the Senate, by the Hon David Kemp in front of the famous Tom Roberts painting, Opening of the First Parliament, 1903.

Today on his birthday we invite you to take a tour of the life of Tom Roberts and his work so eloquently written by Art Historian Andrew Mackenzie OAM.
Ron Smith
Director Communications, Victorian Artists’ Society
Contact:  0417 329 201

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Lambie: Has Australia’s SAS been involved in torture and / or breach of International Human Rights during training exercises?

JLN Independent Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie has urged the Labor Party, Greens and Independent Crossbench Senators to support her Notice of Motion next week that will call on the Liberal government to produce all video recordings since 2002, of the Australian Army’s Resistance to Interrogation Training (R.T.I)

Senator Lambie’s Notice of Motion was prompted after SAS Trooper Evan Donaldson reported to her and the Federal Police that a serious assault, involving torture had occurred while he was participating in an ADF’s Resistance to Interrogation (R.T.I) exercise.

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Kuoco Shoes – a revolution in womens shoes!

Introducing Kuoco Shoes, a versatile shoe concept that is going to change the face of every woman’s shoe addiction!  What makes Kuoco Shoes so different is that with our shoes, you can choose from a range of soles, shoe tops and buttons to create a unique style with limitless possibilities.


All of the components of Kuoco Shoes are completely interchangeable which means that you can start your day in a comfy flat, and then amp up your style for a playful evening look by switching out the flat sole for an elegant heel. Switching out the sole is only just the beginning. With a wide variety of shoe tops and stylish buttons, you can create a new style that is completely your own in just seconds.

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Indian sports hackathon to develop Aussie training app

Victoria University will take part in SportsHack – India’s first sports innovation hackathon – which will bring together the best and brightest tech experts to develop a mobile app for sports training.

Professor Hans Westerbeek, Dean of the College of Sport and Exercise Science and the Institute of Sport, Exercise and Active Living (ISEAL), will be at the hackathon in Mumbai between 26 and 28 February.SportsHack will lead to the development of a mobile app that will provide specific information, based on historical training load data, on how much a person should train – in the future – to maximise performance and minimise injury risk.

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TED’16 DREAM – In cinemas one night only, 2 March 2016

In cinemas 2 March 2016  NEW LOCATIONS ADDED!   UPDATED SPEAKER LINE–UP!  For the first time ever in cinemas, the general public will have the opportunity to experience the “opening night” of TED’s legendary annual conference, alongside its equally legendary VIP audience. The event will take place on February 15th in Vancouver, Canada and will be … Read more