Contributor Information

Becoming a TAT contributor is a rewarding voluntary role that has endless possibilities; it is a position of responsibility, fun and opportunity. This organisation is highly dependent on the drive and talent of all those involved; from founder to leader, staff, editors and contributors. To become a contributor you must possess some valuable skills, expertise and passion; we welcome you and your brilliance to make space for your work on the Australian media landscape.


What is expected:

  • Provide monthly (or however regularly) content and images for your chosen magazine of interest.
  • Represent TAT at certain media events as directed by your editor(s).
  • Work with members of the editorial team.
  • Stick to deadlines provided by editors.
  • Liaise and work with editors on your content.
  • Enjoy what you’re doing- have fun.

What you get:

  • Experience and direction in a contributor position (writer, sub-editor, designer or photographer).
  • Real world work experience.
  • An online CV in the form of a TAT Profile to collate your published work.
  • In time, financial gain (as we make money 30% will go back to contributors, for more information on this see FAQs).
  • The knowledge you are contributing and making a difference to Australian media.
  • Opportunity – this online space could have quite a following for you, the opportunity for fame, for making a difference and having an impact is right here.
  • Help, space and guidance in your ideas, suggestions, visions of your online space/article or content (with editors approval)
  • Enjoyment and fun.

You are:

  • Proactive and interested in your topic/field/interest.
  • Proactive in asking for help when you need it – and contacting editors with contributions and submissions.
  • Proactive in acquiring media and contacting people for comment or content, letting them know about TAT and offer links in exchange for using their material – as well as crediting their work.
  • Aware of copyright legislation; you will not use the images or work of another without their written permission.
  • Encouraged to seek comment from those who have been mentioned in an article to give them an opportunity to give their side of the story.
  • Proactive in attending media events or festivals related to your topic/interest/magazine.
  • Have fun – make your imprint on this online space, ask for help with anything you wish or want to do, contact the correct editor for help and advice with your article, ideas or issues.


  • You have signed up with us from the join form on the website –
  • From here your application will be assessed. If you’re approved to become part of the TAT team – you will receive an email welcoming you to the team and containing your TAT ID email and password.
  • Your TAT ID email will be in the form of and a password. This ID email supplies an account which allows you to access webmail- and is also forwarded to your personal email account.

Why get a TAT ID email?

  • TAT will never give out or publish your personal email address – only that of your TAT ID email.
  •  When dealing with outsiders on TAT related work, it’s expected you use your TAT ID email. It also allows you to receive the weekly TAT personnel newsletter.
  • Your TAT ID email is your log into the following:
    • The Submission system – where you can contribute articles for editors’ consideration
    • Our staff forums

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