BOOK TITLE: The Australia Times - Beauty magazine. Volume 1, issue 1

Vol. 1 No. 1 August 2014
Inspiring Minds Independent Media 3
Deputy Editor
Lauren Wallace
Ally McManus
Lana Murphy
Markeeta Waddington
Madonna Melrose
Natasha Gianetti
Lina Vale
Top 5 Beauty Sites
Get The Right Lipstick
Dr Lewins Review
Hydrate Your Beauty Routine
Acne At Any Age
A Real Eye Opener
You, Me & The Beach
How To Contour
Mixed Up Make Up
Natural Beauty Remedies
Longer Lashes In A Flash
Fake It ‘Til You Make It
For Beauty, Baking And Home
Babe Green Tea Scrub Review
Welcome nally to TAT Beauty’s rst edition. It sure
has taken us a while to get through the production,
but we’re ready to keep bringing beauty features and
proles, along with trends, tips and tricks to you each
Even though we’ve seen warmer days, I always knew
the magazine would open with a photo shoot on the
beach. And our beautiful model, Erica Layton, certain-
ly delivered. We wanted to show TAT Beauty readers
the eternal love you can nd at the beach. It’s a place
to connect with the ocean, feel the texture of the sand
in your hands and to allow the surroundings to inspire
your beauty regimen. That’s why we’ve got pieces like
Lana’s natural beauty remedies, my review of Babe’s
Green Tea Body Scrub and Lina’s bi-carb soda and
Cetaphil exfoliating savior.
Our ultimate goal is to inspire readers in different ways
to feel more beautiful, and in this edition it’s all about
the natural ways to achieve this. If you’re going to take
anything away from this edition, let it be the impor-
tance of getting in touch with nature and the power
this has in making you feel that little bit more gorgeous.
Ally McManus
Inspiring Minds Independent Media 4
Top 5 Beauty Sites
you need to subscribe to
Beauty sites are in such abundance these days it can be
hard to know who to trust, where to get the facts from
and how you should be doing everything. To make
the somewhat overwhelming process of nding where
your hair should really part or to master that winged
eyeliner look you’ve been attempting - here are the ve
best beauty sites to subscribe to - for that ultimate x
of beauty inspiration and knowledge.
For a dose of the Who’s and How To’s of beauty
head straight to Beauticate. Founder and editor of the
site, Sigourney Cantelo, knows a thing or two about
beauty after she was the Beauty and Health director of
Vogue Australia for the last six years. Her sophisticated
site takes you into the bathroom cupboards of any-
one with a thing or two to say about beauty; make up
artists, models, journalists and even personal trainers.
And to top it off there’s really fabulous tutorials too.
There’s no one I trust more for beauty advice than this
angel of the beauty sphere.
Into The Gloss
Into The Gloss is another site totally devoted to beau-
ty. It’s less about the tutorials and more about the pro-
les, but with great photography and simple stories on
beauty topics you may not have thought about. With
categories for hair, skin, nails, make up, health, inter-
views and Ask ITG – this is very much a glossy beauty
magazine in the form of a website.
Words: Ally McManus
Drop Dead
Gorgeous Daily
Your daily dose of everything gorgeous can be found
in one place Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily. The beau-
ty section of this site road tests a great range of prod-
ucts from everyday staples to the extravagant buys.
The tone is incredibly relaxed, conversational and wit-
ty - and I believe DDGDaily brings out all the fun and
enjoyment in beauty.
The Beauty
Look Book
The Beauty Look Book is chic, minimalistic and oh so
classy. Sabrina from Southern California is an analyst
by day and runs her site by night. It’s obvious she has
a strong passion for beauty, offering great advice and
inspiration. She has great style and her photography
is incredibly professional. From new day spas, to lip-
sticks and nail polish – Sabrina can give you a helping,
(and perfectly manicured) hand.
The Beauty
If there’s one word to describe blog The Beauty De-
partment it’s pretty. Kristin and Amy run this sim-
plistic but straight to the point site about trends, in-
spiration and the best beauty products to try. There
are different sections to the blog: video tutorials, hair,
makeup, obsessions, inspirations and this or that. This
gives great diversity to the website also offering tuto-
rials and step-by-step instructions. They have a large
following base, so this site can really be trusted and
once you have a browse, you’ll understand why.
Inspiring Minds Independent Media 5
Find the
for you
Finding the perfect lipstick is a challenge ev-
ery woman faces as she ventures from the teen-
age ‘concealer is lipstick right?’ years to grown
up lady years. But being older than 19 doesn’t
mean you need to wear your Grandma’s lacklus-
tre brown (going on crusty) Avon tube from 1979.
The world of lipstick is endless; there’s mattes, crèmes,
shimmers, glosses, ones that go on matte and turn
creamy, ones that go on creamy and turn matte, sheer
ones, full pigment ones, organic ones, plumping ones
and even seaweed avour!
It can be overwhelming to nd a lipstick that you can
wear with condence and it’s important to pick the
perfect shade that is often based on your skin tone.
A purchasing favourite is Beuty Joint where you can
buy ‘drug store’ makeup super, super cheap for very
reasonable shipping. No, you won’t nd MAC and
Chanel here, but you will nd their perfect ‘dupes’.
Blue-based lipsticks suit
most skin tones but
particularly paler skins,
especially when on the hunt
for red lippy.
Nudes and orange-based
peaches will also suit fairer
skin with golden/yellow tones. However if you’re pink
toned, stick to blue or purple bases.
Blue based does not mean the lipstick is dark; it just
carries blue undertones which contrast with your fair
skin and make a colour pop without washing you out.
You are the lucky ones
who suit almost ev-
erything! Your perfect
nude will be more pink
than beige or brown.
Try to stick to colours
with crisp, clean under-
tones that aren’t too murky so they contrast nicely
against your skin tone. If you’re looking for a true
red, stick with the blue undertones, but orange reds
will also pop nicely on your skin.
Dark skin also looks
great with any colour
but you need to be wea-
ry of what look you
You can’t wear the same ‘salmon nude’ fair skinned
women will wear if you want a casual day look, it will
pop and look beautiful but also obvious and suited
more for an event. For day, it’s best to go two shades
darker than your natural lip colour and go with an
orange base. For night, purples, pinks and berries
look stunning as the colours often stay true rather
than going ashy.
Words: Lana Murphy
Inspiring Minds Independent Media 6
When an anti-ageing skincare brand has their
25th birthday, there’s no better way to celebrate
then by launching a new product to combat
skins ageing. Dr. Lewinns new eternal youth
cream is complete luxury. The anti-ageing inno-
vator himself has encapsulated the brand’s phi-
losophy into one little jar. This beauty marvel
provides intense hydration and fast absorption,
while working youthful ingredients directly into
the skin cells. The day and night cream contains
Juvefoxo, a powerful hexapeptide to rejuvenate
skin cell performance by up to 10 years. This in-
gredient also protects the skin from damage and
helps to repair cells and their longevity, which is
great for those with lines or pigments from the
sun. There are also extracts of real Diamond and
Black Pearl in the cream, which don’t only sound
luscious and indulgent.
cream to
ETERNAL YOUTH Words: Ally McManus
These ingredients directly target a youthful com-
plexion through their ability to boost the pro-
duction of collagen, leaving the skin bright and
glowing. With Vitamin A and Patch20, the skin
is intensely nourished for up to 2 days, which I
challenged while camping over the Easter break.
There wasn’t an ounce of dryness to be seen
over those 48 hours Dr Lewinn stays true to
his words. These powerful ingredients leave the
skin plump, rejuvenated and so incredibly soft.
After testing a trying the product for a month
I’m happy with the results. My skin tone is more
even, the texture of my face has never felt soft-
er and overall my skin looks and feels healthier.
After years of experience in the skincare indus-
try combating ageing, Dr. Lewinn has found a
secret he’d like to share with everyone.
Inspiring Minds Independent Media 7
Inspiring Minds Independent Media 8
your beauty routine
WORDS: Markeeta Waddington
With the temperate at an all-year low, our skin becomes aky and our
hair becomes straw-like rather than silky smooth.
Here are the best ways to replenish lost moisture from your hands to your hair.
No matter what your skin type is: oily, combination,
dry or normal, everyone needs to add something
richer to their routine in the cooler months. Up-
grade your foam cleanser upgrade to a cream cleans-
er, and your gel moisturiser to a cream one. If you
are already using cream based products, add nour-
ishing oil to your regime to create a protective bar-
rier and help replenish the skin from the elements.
Try rosehip or an oil that uses a blend of ingredients
such as chamomile and lavender after your regular
moisturiser, by gently massaging into
the face and neck. You can also use oil
on any skin type Joelle Ciocco, Lo-
real Paris Global Facialist, says, “it is
wrong to think that oily skin does not
need oil. Certain oils are in fact useful
for all skin types as they are able to
counteract imbalance. Simply choose
the right ones and adapt the quantities.
Inspiring Minds Independent Media 9
Keep your lips smooth anad upgrade your
regular gloss to a protective barrier balm. Keep one in
your handbag, one on your bedside table and one in
your car. The key is to keep reapplying. Another little
secret weapon is your humble eye cream it helps
to keep those ne wrinkles around the edge of your
lips at bay so pop some on your kisser right after
Stop the oh so wintery layer of white, dead skin and
scaly, rough texture - by making exfoliating a mandatory
process at least twice a week. And the real
secret to smooth limbs? A great body brush. Swipe
over the skin either wet or dry in big upward, circular
motions to slough dead skin away and improve circulation.
Also, try not to turn the heat up in the shower too much
Manage your mane and ght those
nasty yaways and dry ends by
switching to a nourishing, moistur-
ising shampoo and conditioner with
argan oil. Don’t forget to add a treat-
ment to your weekly routine too.
If your hands have more lines and cracks than the
Sahara desert, it’s time to pay some serious attention.
During the cooler months the air is more dry and heating
saps natural moisture, so it’s important to be even more
conscious about slathering on hand cream. Ideally, choose
one with SPF because even if it’s grey and dark out there
you pat around your
eye. And if you want
to keep the moisture
going with your lip-
stick, choose a super
hydrating one to avoid
the dreaded lip ake.
while it is tempting to get steamy when it’s cold
out it’s a sure-re moisture zapper. For extra mois-
ture points, replace your usual soap or body wash
with a more hydrating formula. Lastly, apply a
creamy moisturiser like body butter twice a day. But
if you only manage once a day make sure it’s in the
morning straight after your shower so your slight-
ly damp skin will literally drink up the goodness.
It’s an easy addition at the end of washing your hair to
simply run through and rinse off or if you cringe at
the thought of having to take extra time in the morn-
ing for a rinse–out treatment simply opt for a super
easy leave-in meaning you wont have to add minutes
to your beauty routine. Try to nd a leave-in with ker-
atin to help prevent breakage.
the UV is still attacking and the back
of your hands is one of the rst
places to show the signs of ageing.
Also, try one with a resistance to wa-
ter it will act as a shield between your
hands and the elements and you’ll
notice the difference immediately.
Inspiring Minds Independent Media 10
Breakouts can strike at any age but the potential caus-
es are very different. First and foremost, it’s essential
to identify the type of acne before choosing products
and prescribing a course of treatment. Juvenile acne
tends to occur from over-active oily skin, resulting in
whiteheads and blackheads. But it’s usually resolved
with cleansing, moisturising and a healthy diet. Acne
that occurs on mature skin can be related to a number
of causes regardless of skin type; it tends to be more
cystic and requires a more investigative approach.
These products and brands have some unique healing
techniques that may be just what the doctor ordered to
make you feel fresh-faced again.
The Omveda Clove
Acne Mask gets to the
source of breakouts by
drawing out impurities,
reducing irritation and
regulating oil production.
Based on traditional beau-
ty recipes that have been
used for over 5,000 years, the mask’s herbal formula-
tion contains clove for its powerful antiseptic qualities
that combat bacteria, and ashwaghanda root extract
for its astringent and rejuvenating properties.
Germaine De Capuccini’s Synergyage is a profes-
sional medispa line that has several products to specif-
ically treat acne skin by working on the different stages
of the acne cycle. The Active Balance Mask com-
bines three natural clays with purifying and balancing
ingredients to eliminate skin imperfections, smooth
the skin surface, balance the activity of the oil glands
and treat any scarring.
A deep cleanser, Sothys Desquacrem is
designed to dissolve fatty excretions and
emulsify oily impurities, blackheads and
whiteheads. The pH balanced, non-al-
kaline formulation absorbs excessive
oil and removes dead cells and impuri-
ties that accumulate on the surface of
the skin. This cleanser helps to reduce
acne recurrence, without the skin feeling
stripped or tight.
Maintaining a good daily cleansing
routine couldn’t be more simple with
Babor’s Cleansing Gel Tonic. This
all in one double-action gel cleanser and
toner combats blemishes while soothing
with natural ingredients such as pansy
extract. The toner also helps keep the
skin matte throughout the day.
Kerstin Florian’s specialised correcting
range includes Rening Toner, which re-
moves excess oils and ensures all traces
of impurities are eliminated following
cleansing. Gentle exfoliants reveal a more
youthful, smooth texture while botanical
extracts help to calm sensitive skin and the
natural moisturisers rehydrate and provide
a shine-free nish.
A soothing blend of organic rose water and
lemon essential oil, Sundari’s Rose And
Lemon Tonic Water gently refreshes and
puries. Rose oil is particularly soothing and
reduces inammation, while lemon removes
residue and controls oil secretion. Another
key ingredient, aloe leaf juice, increases the
rate of healing. Fragrance and dye-free, this
ne mist is rapidly absorbed and can be used
at any age
Words: Madonna Melrose
Inspiring Minds Independent Media 11
Phyt’s Creme17 is a formulation of active
essential oils lemon, rosemary, marjoram,
clove, cypress and cinnamon. It eliminates
toxins as well as having antibacterial and an-
ti-inammatory properties. Certied organ-
ic, this balancing day cream also contains
hazel seed oil, lavender ower water and
thyme ower water to normalise oily skin
leaving a matte nish.
A lightweight face lotion for oily and com-
bination skin types, Subtle Energies Wild
Kashmir Moisturising Emulsion draws
on the purifying and skin toning qualities
of wild turmeric and a rare lavender grown
in the Himalayan foothills of Kashmir. Pal-
marosa, mogra and frankincense essential
oils also act to hydrate, giving the skin a
divine glow.
A full acne treatment kit, Anesi Dermo Control con-
tains ve single-dose products. By controlling bacteria
formation, this system addresses acne with purifying
and healing ingredients to normalise an oily t-zone
while combatting dehydration for a clearer, more matte
Absence by Jane Iredale may prove a life-changer
for those who get shiny no matter what they do. This
handy makeup primer helps to control over- active oil
glands and regulate the pH balance of the skin. The
active ingredient, hydrat-
ed silica, absorbs excess
oil without causing dehy-
dration and has the bo-
nus of a broad spectrum
SPF 15.
When a breakout occurs, it’s key to be able
to target the area without affecting the whole
face. Gatineau’s Clear And Perfect S.O.S
Stick helps to disinfect dry up and speed up
the elimination of imperfections. It helps
regulate oil production therefore minimising
the risk of bacterial infection and breakouts.
Part of the new Clear Balance range from Skeyndor
that specically targets acne, is the anti-impurity cor-
rector stick that conceals with natural pigments while it
heals. The oil-free formula accelerates blemish reduc-
tion by addressing surface bacteria. It can be used on
all stages of acne such as bumps, scarring, open pores
and skin redness.
Inspiring Minds Independent Media 12
“I couldn’t believe it...
there were chucks of natural eyelash missing”
Inspiring Minds Independent Media 13
Eye Opener
Dangers of Eyelash Extensions
Natasha Gianetti
Long, thick lashes are considered desirable for many
women around the world. We invest money in to lux-
ury mascaras and are all too familiar with the struggle
of evenly applying false lashes. So when eyelash exten-
sions became more affordable and accessible - women
rejoiced - but some unaware of the physical price they
may have to pay.
While eyelash extensions have been around for years,
they’ve only been made more affordable in the last
12 months. We were once prepared to pay anywhere
from two to ve hundred dollars, but now they can be
found from as low as 50 dollars for a full set. The pro-
cess involves applying the extension directly to one’s
natural eyelash with glue and can last anywhere from
four to six weeks. With the growing popularity, more
beauticians are jumping on the eyelash bandwagon,
but unfortunately getting your certicate for eyelash
application is only a three-day course away. More and
more people are investing trust into beauticians but do
not realise the danger involved when eyelashes are not
applied properly.
42-year-old Maria was diagnosed with Traction Alope-
cia. In this condition, hair falls out because of exces-
sive tension placed on the hair shaft. This happened to
Maria because the beautician she visited didn’t know
how to apply the eyelashes correctly and put clusters
of false lashes onto each natural lash. This caused a lot
of tension on the eyelashes. “I couldn’t believe it when
I removed the eyelashes and there were chucks of nat-
ural eyelashs missing”, says Maria. “There should be
stricter training sessions for those learning application
to prevent this from happening to others. It is not fair.”
Some have even noticed a signicant loss in thickness
and length of natural lashes upon the removal of ex-
tension. After modeling for a popular eyelash exten-
sion company, 23-year-old Jessica* was offered free
application and rells. ‘”I was blessed with long natural
eyelashes, but seeing as the offer was free I thought I
should give these eyelashes extensions a go. It was the
worst decision I made. They were good for the rst
few weeks but then they get worse and worse. Once I
had them removed, I had the shortest lashes left. You
could barely see them. I was crying for days.
However eyelash extensions are not all bad news when
applied correctly. Owner of Glamorous Eyelashes and
qualied eyelash extension trainer, Deanna Campese
says, ‘‘when the lashes are pulling due to the strength
of the glue and being stuck together, the root loosens
which is why some people lose lashes and the repu-
tation develops about extensions being bad. Camp-
ese explains that good hygeiene and maitenance are
most important with eyelash extensions. But she also
Campese warns “if extensions are lumped on and
not placed individually, it causes a burn up of protein
which means your natural lashes are not moving freely.
In this case be gentle, leave them alone and do some
research before your next visit.”
It’s safe to say if you want your eyes to pop with a
set of eyelash extensions, then ensure the eyelashes are
applied by an accredited professional.
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Bridge and Lord
Inspiring Minds Independent Media 15
We’re embracing the last of the winter chill as
spring quietly blooms - getting close and com-
fortable near the ocean with warm knits and
minimal make up. Model Erica Layton wears
Witchery and Bridge & Lord by Fields knitwear,
with her minimalist make up reecting the nat-
ural ocean as much as it does the cool tones of
the clothing.
Photographer: Victor & Alice Photography | Model: Erica Layton
Make Up Artist: Ali Wood | Editorial Director: Ally McManus
You, Me &
The Sea
Foundation: Airbrush by Isolde Cosmetics
Eyehsadow: Naked Palette by Urban Decay
Bronzer: Honey Bronze by The Body Shop
Blush: Luminoso by Milani Blush
Highligher: Soft and Gentle by MAC
Lips: Peach Tinted Lip Balm by Carmex
Concealer: Fit Me by Maybelline
Inspiring Minds Independent Media 16
Erica wears Witchery
Inspiring Minds Independent Media 17
Erica wears Bridge
& Lord by Fields
Erica wears Bridge
& Lord by Fields
and Witchery
Inspiring Minds Independent Media 18
Erica wears Bridge
& Lord by Fields
Inspiring Minds Independent Media 19
Erica wears Bridge
& Lord by Fields
Inspiring Minds Independent Media 20
Erica wears
Inspiring Minds Independent Media 21
Inspiring Minds Independent Media 22
Erica wears Bridge
& Lord by Fields
Inspiring Minds Independent Media 23
Erica wears
Inspiring Minds Independent Media 24
How To
Who hasn’t looked in the mirror and wished
for a more genetically blessed face structure?
Assemble your tool kit and get ready to sculpt
Once you’ve got your awless primer and foundation
base on - the fun can really start. You’ll need bronzer,
blush, highlighter, a large angled brush, at brush and
blush brush. The only rules are to blend and use either
all cream or all powder products. If you use cream you
can either apply with a brush or your ngertips.
Bronzer is used to create all the shadows and deni-
tion hello chiseled cheekbones. Simply sweep the
bronzer in the hollow just under your cheekbones in a
diagonal line starting at your hairline and brushing out
toward your mouth to open up the face. Next, swirl
the brush in a half moon shape along your hairline
just above your temples and also on your jawline and
under your chin. All of this shading will literally frame
your face and creates denition and elongation. Then
brush some bronzer down either side of your nose in
a straight line starting at the bridge, making your nose
appear thinner. The most important thing to remem-
ber is to blend so you avoid having two brown strips
on either side of your nose.
CK One Colour Cream + Powder Duo
Benet Hoola
Modelco Bronze
People often apply blush in the wrong spot on their
cheeks and for the purpose of sculpting your face, you
should apply it just above your bronzer, along the same
angle. Make sure you start applying the blush at the
apples of your cheeks and sweep out to your hairline.
Ensure there is no harsh line between where the blush
and bronzer meet; simply fade them together by blur-
ring together with the blush brush.
Bourjois Little Round Blush Pot
Covergirl Clean Glow Blush
Clinique Blushwear Cream Stick
Now for the nishing touch to make everything really
stand out. Apply highlighter with the athead brush to
your brow bone, top of your cheekbones (above the
blush) and then nish off with a swipe down the mid-
dle of your nose starting from the bridge.
Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat
Physicians Formula Powder to Palette Mineral
Glow Pearls
Tom Ford Illuminating Powder
Words: Markeeta Waddington
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Inspiring Minds Independent Media 26
Mixed Up
Make Up
You can easily mix it up this season depending on your mood through
different textures, tone and colour. No longer will you be left with a shade
that never gets used, as you will always have your favourite colours and pre-
ferred textures at your ngertips from rellable, interchangeable palettes.
These shadows can be used wet or dry, or as blush or lipstick - they’re all
great beauty hybrids. Get creative ladies.
Words: Madonna Melrose
Inspiring Minds Independent Media 27
Infused with cold pressed certied organic argan oil, the Silk Oil of Moroc-
co Pressed Eye Shadows allow you to choose from 25 colours, all free from
parabens, lanolin, alcohol and sulphates. Active ingredients such as vitamin
E and lineoic acid hydrate the skin while other vitamins and fatty acids have
skin-renewing properties.
Available in eight multi-pigmented options, the Issada Baked Mineral Shad-
ows gives you the option of a wet or dry application. When moistened, the
colour is intensied and can also be used to create creamy eyeliner. Versatile
and enriched with organic ingredients such as jojoba, lavender, thyme, rose-
mary, green tea and vitamin E, these baked shadows will treat the skin while
adding sensational colour.
Mirabella Colour Queen Daring Duos feature bright, contrasting colours
and textures in the one palette. The choice between a matte or shimmer
nish allows you to be creative and spontaneous. The contrasting colours
can be worn together for a dramatic look or alone for a more subtle nish.
A mirror completes this compact palette.
Becca Sun Chaser Ultimate Eye Colour Quad has a silky smooth texture to
delight even the most discerning of make up artists. These highly pigment-
ed eye shadows come in matte, demi-matte and metallic nishes, so the one
palette allows for a variety of looks.
Ofra Professional Makeup Palette Diamonds Are Forever provides a selec-
tion of earthy natural tones in both matte and shimmer. Suitable for even
the most sensitive eyes, the shadows contain natural sun lters and may be
used wet or dry so you will have a huge variety of options.
Packaged as a twist applicator, Mineralogie Lux Creme Eye Shadow can be
used as a nude eye shadow or as a highlighter. The creamy rose quartz co-
lour is perfect to use as an everyday shade, but when used under other eye
shadows it has a dramatic brightening effect. This innovative product has
added vitamin E and C to help condition the delicate eyelid area.
Inspiring Minds Independent Media 28
Words: Lana Murphy
Image by Hella Delicious / Creative Commons
Taken February 27, 2009
Inspiring Minds Independent Media 29
Trends often change, but health is a forever investment.
Before you buy those next black boots, make sure you have
these natural staples in your pantry to ensure you shine
from the inside out. As we all know, there’s no better
accessory than a healthy glow.
Tea Tree Oil
Aboriginals have taken advantage of tea tree’s healing
qualities for thousands of years and our army even
puts it in their rst aid kits. Tea tree oil has many an-
ti-viral and anti-fungal benets and is proven to be just
as effective as harsh acne treatments. You can apply
the oil directly to blemishes as a spot treatment, or mix
with some aloe vera and use it as a lip balm, add it to
jojoba oil and crushed tomatoes for a revitalizing face
masque or add it to your bath to sooth and treat your
whole body.
Coconut Oil
The Mother of all natural beauty products; coconut
oil has been a health and beauty staple since the be-
ginning of time, - and for good reason. It is a powerful
destroyer of viruses and bacteria as it is made up of
nearly 50 per cent lauric acid, which means it ghts
HIV, herpes, measles and the u. There are hundreds
of healthy uses for this wonder oil, many of which
promote healthy, glowing skin. You can use it as a daily
moisturiser after your regular facial cleansing routine
or add it to a facial masque mixture. Just make sure
it’s unrened coconut oil as it’s much better for you.
You’ll have glowing skin AND you’ll smell like Fiji in
no time – winning!
Cocoa Butter
Many commercial body lotions come in cocoa butter
‘avours’ or ‘scents’, but many dont contain the real
thing. Grab a small block of raw Cocoa Butter from
your local health food store and gently rub it all over
your body after a shower, (it melts at body tempera-
ture), to soak up the buttery goodness. Some people
use on their face and as a lip balm too.
Honey has great antibacterial properties that are very
effective in ghting acne. It is also antiseptic, reduc-
es inammation and is a natural remedy for prevent-
ing wrinkles. Try to choose a raw organic honey as it
retains most of its natural nutrients, but you can use
any honey available. Mix 1 tablespoon of honey with
1 teaspoon of green tea for a super vitalizing masque,
leave on for 10 minutes and wash away with water.
Alternatively, mix honey with water and use as an anti-
septic treatment, face cleanser or moisturiser.
A ‘hairy’ hairbrush/brush
Dry body brushing improves circulation and lymphatic
drainage and rids your body of dead skin cells. A rough
‘hairy’ brush will work best and it can be a cheap one
from Coles or a proper ‘body brushing brush’. Simply
brush your body from head to toe in circular motions
twice a week to see a large improvements not only in
skin texture but in muscle tone too.
Inspiring Minds Independent Media 30
in a Flash
Words: Madonna Melrose
Who would have thought that mascara would ever offer so many
choices? Companies are going to great lengths to reinvent and
perfect the humble mascara to provide us with even longer, thick-
er, fuller eyelashes. So are these new technologically advanced tube
and bre mascaras the answer to longer lashes in a ash?
It only seems like yesterday we were introduced to the innovation of eyelash extensions
which provide a longer and more professional approach to lash lengthening than the
common false lash application. We now have at our disposal the opportunity to increase
natural lash length and volume, not only for the one-off but for weeks on end.
Tube and bre mascara are taking the beauty industry by storm, being touted as the per-
fect alternative to lash extensions. As far as this new wave of products go, there are a few
important differences to understand. With regular mascara the lashes are coated with a
liquid formula usually made up of a coloured pigment, oils, guanine, and waxes.
These new formulas of bre lash mascaras on the other hand actually contain tiny little
bres reminiscent of small hairs that are brushed onto the lashes to give them a more
exaggerated appearance, almost as if you are applying false lashes from a tube. The key to
successfully applying bre lash mascaras is focusing on applying the product on the ends
of your lashes to give them that extra length and volume. Generally an easy three step
process of mascara application, then bre application, then nished off with another
mascara application is the way to go.
The other advancement in this area is the development of mascara ‘tubes’. This unique
formula actually forms tiny water-resistant polymer tubes around the lashes that doesn’t
smudge, run or clump and requires only warm water to remove. You can actually see the
small tubes on the cotton pads when removed. Traditional mascaras smudge and ake
leaving nasty black circles under the eyes. Waterproof mascara eliminated these problems
but daily use causes damage to the lashes and efcient removal is often aggressive and can
cause permanent damage to the delicate skin around the eyes.
Inspiring Minds Independent Media 31
Eye lash extensions have also been known to cause damage to the natural lash and can be costly and time consum-
ing. So have we stumbled upon the perfect product that combines false lash effect without permanent damage and
that are removed simply with warm water? Take a look at these offerings and judge for yourself.
Magnibres Brush-on False Lashes apply in three
easy steps providing an immediate false lash effect
without messy glues or time consuming individual lash
application. Simply apply a coat of mascara then im-
mediately apply the Magnibres while the mascara is
still wet. You will see tiny natural bres attach comfort-
ably to your own lashes. Wait 30-60 seconds and then
apply another coat of mascara to cover the bres. The
result is instant dramatically longer and thicker lashes
that are easily removed with normal makeup remover.
Silk Oil of Morocco Fibre Lash Mascara contains
organic green tea natural bres that will thicken and
lengthen lashes by 150 per cent. This kit contains two
wands - the mascara gel wand and the bre wand and
is safe to use even if you wear contact lenses. The cold
pressed certied organic Argan Oil formula will condi-
tion and protect the lashes while the bres will natural-
ly lengthen and curve. After one application of the gel
mascara, the revolutionary tiny brush-on lash bres are
then applied and will adhere to the lashes, acting like
instant false eyelashes. Finish off with another coat of
the gel mascara formula to secure the bres in place.
The more you apply the more dramatic the results.
StudioLASH Fibre Lash Extension Mascara has
been specially formulated as lengthening mascara and
has been created from all natural, high-grade Bees’ and
Canauba Wax. This two-part mascara will rst thicken
and then lengthen your own natural lashes for a look
similar to eyelash extensions. Being a waxed-based
product, StudioLASH Fibre-Lash Mascara is easily re-
moved using warm water and is extremely gentle on
the lashes. Suitable for wearers of contact lenses and
those of us with sensitive eyes, the black extending -
bres are 100 per cent natural and hypoallergenic.
For a combination of gel and bres TK’s Lashes pro-
vide a buildable product that will suite even the most
discerning mascara wearer. Unlike regular eyelash ex-
tensions, the two-step process can be repeated to build
the length of the lashes making for highly personal and
individualised results. The gel is applied in the same
manner as mascara and the bres, when brushed on,
adhere to the gel resulting in longer and more lustrous
Issada Red Carpet Lashes are a totally unique natu-
ral bre product that add dramatic length and fullness
to the lashes. The product is formulated in a medical
laboratory which ensures soft, natural bres that are
safe to use with contact lens wearers and women with
sensitive eyes. Issada’s revolutionary bres are minis-
cule cellulose plant-stem bres, which adhere to wet
mascara. Simply apply the bres along the edge of the
natural lashes, starting from the outside and moving
inwards. For best results wait 30 seconds and then coat
the lashes and bres with mascara. These steps can be
repeated until your desired effect is achieved.
Blinc Mascara Amplied is a tube mascara that coats
the lashes and forms tiny water resistant ‘tubes’ around
the lash. Buildable volume and length while offering
smudge-proof, sweat-proof, water-resistant and ake-
proof wear. Blinc Mascara Amplied applies like tra-
ditional mascara, giving you the ability to add as many
coats as you wish to build your desired look and as it
isn’t as wet as other formulations it can be reapplied
if needed after it dries. To remove simply apply a little
warm water along with some gentle pressure, and the
tubes easily slide off the lashes.
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‘Til you make it
With spring just around the corner it means Australian
women are dying for that sun kissed glow. We’re see-
ing on all of our friends who have just returned from
Amal Coast but for those who have just had an Aus-
tralian winter, we need a more convenient alternative.
Fake tan is the healthier alternative to solariums, which
radiate nasty UV rays that can cause deep wrinkles for
Words: Natasha Gianetti
some and in worse cases cancer. It wasnt until the dan-
gers of solariums were made public that people began
to steer away from them and head more towards the
path of fake tanning. However with the laws that have
been recently passed through Victorian state parlia-
ment, as of January 2015, solariums will be a thing of
the past. This means now more than ever the public
should be opting for a tanning mitt over UV rays.
Inspiring Minds Independent Media 35
How to create
the perfect bronze
skin at home
Wash off Tan
Think of this one like a one night stand at the time you
love it like crazy but in the morning it’ll be gone. An excel-
lent one to use is Bondi Sands 4, which comes in light/
medium and dark. It’s best to test out the colours on your
hand before going in head rst to a wash off tan, but then
again, as the name suggests, if you stuff it up you can al-
ways just wash it off.
Regular Fake Tan
Regular fake tan can be the trickiest
to work with, but it lasts the longest
and will give you as much of a nat-
ural or intense tan as you require.
Le Tan is a popular choice and also
comes in a bronze or a deep bronze
option; this comes in both a spray
and a mouse.
Quick tip: If you feel spray is the way to go, then make sure
to do it far away from white walls, clean surfaces or anything
that you dont want saturated in brown mist.
Rule #3
No matter how pro you become with tanning, it’s still easy
to make mistakes. Don’t fear too much though a solution
is here and the antidote can be found in your kitchen! Dab
some lemon juice onto a towel and use that to get rid of
any tan that isn’t where it’s meant to be. The acid from the
lemon juice acts as a bleaching agent to remove any unwant-
ed tan.
If all else fails seek out a professional - fake tans can be
applied anywhere from $15-50 dollars. Just ensure they are
using a green-based product as this means you won’t go
So there it is ladies, your go to guide in maintaining beau-
tiful bronze skin even during the coldest of months. Just
because the sun goes into hiding during winter, it doesnt
mean our tans have to once spring comes along.
Happy Tanning!
Rule #1
Before even opening the tanning bottle you must exfoliate.
This can be done with an exfoliating glove such as a Mani-
care Exfoliating Glove, or one could opt for an exfo-
liating scrub like Frank Body Scrub, which has been
known to decrease the appear-
ance of cellulite and stretch
marks which is denitely a
win-win for us ladies.
This exfoliation process removes
dead skin cells and creates a
smooth easy surface for the tan to
stick to. By removing all the old
skin cells, this lessens the chances
of the tan streaking.
Rule #2
You need to decide what kind of tan to go for. There are
three main types of fake tan:
Gradual Tan
This kind of tanning is one that needs to be applied once
or twice a week. While it won’t give
you dramatic results the rst time, it
will give you a beautiful natural look-
ing glow. This one is perfect for rst
timers. An example of a great grad-
ual tanner is Palmers Cocoa Butter
Natural Tan.3 Not only does it man-
age to give you just the right amount
of tan every time, but it’s mixed with
cocoa butter. This gives you tanned
and smooth skin while smelling like
caramel - absolute heaven.
Inspiring Minds Independent Media 36
and Home
Instead of spending a fortune on exfoliating products
that leave not only your skin oily and your purse empty,
try using Bi-carb soda for surprisingly satisfying results.
Words: Lina Vale
Sometimes there’s nothing better than giving your vis-
age a vigorous cleanse. It’s similar to the feeling of re-
tiring into a bed of fresh sheets that have been dried
naturally by the sun. Many exfoliating products, howev-
er, are expensive and can be abrasive on sensitive skin.
Often we are tempted to overuse them too, which only
increases redness, irritation and oiliness. Allocating two
times during the week for home exfoliating sessions is
a great way to create a sensible but regular routine. It
doesn’t matter whether they take place in the morning
or at night, but if you stick to the twice-a-week rule
you will be delighted by how your skin responds after
several months. Having a pamper on a Sunday evening
sets you up for the week ahead and simply tting anoth-
er time into your schedule will keep your skin on track.
It’s a surprise to discover that Bi-carb soda can be used
on the skin, together with baking and cleaning. Many
people swear by scrubbing their bench tops with the
powder and it’s often a primary ingredient in cake and
bread recipes. This classic product, however, can be used
in the bath, as toothpaste or even as an exfoliator. Soak-
ing in a bath of Bi-carb conjures images of Cleopatra
soaking in her bath of milk, brushing teeth with Bi-carb
mixed with water is similar to using whitening tooth-
pastes, but it’s a little scary to consider scrubbing your
face with the same product used on sinks and surfaces.
Despite this strange concept, Bi-carb when mixed with
a gentle cleanser makes an ideal exfoliator for a fraction
of the cost of many others on the market. It also prom-
ises not to strip oils from the skin, which is a common
side effect of over-cleansing. This causes the skin to
compensate by producing excess oil, which is the op-
posite of what you are aiming for through exfoliation.
Cetaphil gentle cleanser is an effective and
economical product to mix with Bi-carb.
Be vigilant with your post-exfoliating routine because
it’s important to rehydrate the skin. Rather than a strong
toner, a mild spray such as Jurlique’s Herbal Recovery
Mist will purify your skin, yet sooth and moisturise
it at the same time. Then apply your usual eye cream
and moisturiser, but take the time to really massage it
into your skin. You will immediately notice a differ-
ence, which is incredibly satisfying since you will have
a whole box of Bi-carb in your cupboard for future
use. Your skin will feel deeply cleansed and supple, and
any congestion or blackheads will have diminished.
And why not bake a batch of cupcakes with the left-
over Bi-carb as a reward for your efforts too?
McKenzie’s Bi-carb Soda
Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser
Jurlique Herbal Recovery Mist
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Inspiring Minds Independent Media 38
working its
cleansing and
hydrating magic
When I think of green tea, a few words come to mind.
Cleansing, natural, healthy and clean. When this powerful
healing antioxidant is put into a body scrub - it can only
mean good things.
I’m a huge advocator for bringing a spa experience home
with you, as they can be so costly that most of us only war-
rant this luxury on a special occasion. But our bodies need
to be pampered so much more often than the one-offs. And
more importantly, when we do look after our bodies well in
the beauty department, we feel refreshed, nourished and so
incredibly beautiful.
Many of us know how important it is to exfoliate our face,
which is why there are so many face exfoliators out there.
But there are some of us who forget about the rest of our
body – that other skin from our necks to our toes. At least
once a week, these areas need some love and care and
Babe Scrub may have the answer for you with their Green
Tea body scrub.
Australian company Babe Scrub make a range of natural
body scrubs that only only include the Green Tea scrub,
but also Coffee and Himalayan Pink Salt ones. I’m interest-
ed in the green tea scrub because I believe a healthy diet and
glowing skin go hand in hand.
Babe Scrub uses natural and fresh ingredients in their prod-
ucts and the green tea one is no exception. These scrubs
can be used to help reduce scars, stretch marks, lump and
dryness. They can even help combat skin conditions like
eczema and psoriasis.
This scrub contains fresh green tea, seaweed, sweet almond
oil, essential oils, organic sugar and mineral salts. The sec-
ond I open the packet, (which has a zip lock for extra fresh-
ness) - I smell the seaweed. This stuff sure is natural.
Green tea is more than just a healthy drink; it can help re-
duce the appearance of wrinkles and skin conditions. Sugar,
another ingredient in the scrub is incredibly hydrating and
moisturising, with the ability to unblock pores. Seaweed is
also nutritious for the body and can help stimulate blood
circulation in the body. All the organic oils in the scrub are
there to nourish the skin. That’s why you get that amazing
glow and softness after a good body scrub.
I like to apply a body scrub when my skin is wet, so after
I’ve had a quick wash in the shower I massage the scrub
onto my body in circular motions. It will melt into your
body, moisturising at the same time. And for those with sen-
sitive skin, you might feel a bit of tingling. If you want the
best results, leave the scrub on for at least 5-10 minutes. The
longer it’s left on for, the better the results will be. It can
also be applied to the face, just be mindful around the eyes.
The verdict:
The smell of green tea and seaweed is very potent in this
scrub, but diminishes once everything has been rinsed
off. If you’re after an incredibly natural green tea scrub to
detoxify, here’s a winner. It’s an incredibly refreshing and
cleansing experience and my skin feels so healthy and clean
just after a few runs of the scrub.