BOOK TITLE: The Australia Times - Beauty magazine. Volume 2, issue 6

Vol. 2 No. 6 June 2015
How to winter-proof
your skincare routine
As the seasons change and temperatures start to drop, we
adjust our daily routines accordingly, but we often forget to
change our skincare routine!
Natural Instinct, a winter wonder
Natural Instinct are here just in time to save your skin from
the perils of winter!
16 | Our Australian apothecaries
It’s that time of year again ladies: winter…. I can almost
hear you groaning! We spend our mornings shrouded in
warm blankets.
24 | Winter beauty mistakes
As the mercury drops, we find our skin looks a little more
dull, definitely not as bright and fresh as it normally is.
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inter is finally here! After a long, beautiful
autumn, the chilly days of winter are upon
us. June brought with it frosty mornings,
a plethora of scarves and a good excuse to sit down and
warm up with a decadent hot chocolate. Unfortunately,
winter also brings with with a mixed bag of beauty
issues. Previously-blemish free skin starts to break
out, rosy cheeks turn into cracked cheeks and lucious
locks turn into bales of straw. Luckily, the team at TAT
Beauty are here again to bring you all the need-to-know
info to save your skin, hair and hands this cold season.
We hope you enjoy the issue.
TAT Beauty Editor
No matter what your skin type,
when the weather gets colder,
switching up your regular gel
cleanser with a cream or butter
cleanser is an easy way to add
hydration to the face. These
thicker formulas often contain
nourishing ingredients like vita-
min e and coconut oil to lock in
moisture and leave you feeling
smooth and soft.
We Love
Delicious Skin Clean
Butter Cleanser & Alpha-H
Balancing Cleanser
You Need
To Know for
Happy and
As the seasons change and
temperatures start to drop,
we adjust our daily routines
accordingly – we start to wear
warmer clothes, bundle up
with warm drinks and blan-
kets, but we often neglect to
change up our skincare rou-
tine! It is essential to switch
up the products we use during
the colder months, to ensure
we add in extra hydration and
nourishment when our skin is
fighting the elements. Follow
this guide to find out what
products you should be add-
ing to your skincare routine
to fight the winter blues!
You might think the last thing you
should be doing when your face is
dry and flaky is use a product with
granules or beads, but exfoliating is
key to treating and preventing dry
skin. Facial scrubs work to slough
off dead skin cells, promoting cell
renewal and decongesting the skin.
This allows for hydrating ingredi-
ents to more easily penetrate the
skin. Try using a facial scrub that
has tiny granules that arent abra-
sive to the skin or look for a chem-
ical exfoliator that contains Alpha
Hydroxy Acids (AHAs), which
will achieve the same result.
We Love
Skinstitut Glycolic Scrub and
Dermalogica Microfoliant.
Its not just about your face! Dont
forget to give your body some TLC
this winter and apply a rich body
butter to dry elbows, rough knees
and cracked heels. Add this step
into your regular routine when
you get out of the shower and ap-
ply a liberal amount all over for
smooth and soft skin from head
to toe.
We Love
The Body Shop Shea
Body Butter and Mecca
Cosmetica Go Smooth
Body Moisturiser
Just like we layer our clothing dur-
ing the colder months, we also
need to layer our skincare. Adding
a serum to your nighttime rou-
tine is an essential step this winter.
Serums penetrate deeper into the
skins layers than a regular moistur-
iser. They’re also great multi-task-
ers and can often assist to smooth
skins texture and reduce pigmen-
We Love
Trilogy Organic Rosehip Oil
and Kate Somerville Quench
Hydrating Face Serum
Just because youre feeling dry and
chapped, doesnt mean you should
go crazy with lots of moisturiser. If
you overdo it, you can cause your
skin to become congested or break
out. Its a good idea to switch out
your lightweight or mattifying
moisturiser with a richer formula.
Look for ingredients such as aloe
vera, apricot kernel and avocado
oil, which are very beneficial for
boosting moisture levels.
We Love
A Bit Hippy Anti-Aging Face
Moisturiser and Origins Drink
Up Intensive Overnight Mask
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One of the first things you might
notice when the weather becomes
colder, is that lips become very dry
and chapped. It’s so important to
apply a rich lip balm or condition-
er and keep reapplying through-
out the day especially if you spend
a lot of time outside.
We Love
Blistex Instensive Repair and
Delicious Skin Silky Lip Salve
Independent Media Inspiring Minds
Independent Media Inspiring Minds
Natural Instinct
Replenishing Cream Cleanser
What its good for: removing makeup, clarifying
skin and evening skin tone.
Why we love it: This cream cleanser feels so
smooth on the skin and unlike a lot of cream
cleansers, it doesnt feel heavy or greasy. It’s an
absolute dream for removing makeup and used in
conjunction with a hot face cloth, its like having
an at-home mini-facial every day. It will leave
your skin feeling clean, nourished and ready to
face the harsh winter cold.
Natural Instinct
Replenishing Rosehip Oil
What its good for: fighting the signs of ageing,
reducing scaring and providing a healthy dose of
Why we love it: Rosehip oil is the perfect addition
to any winter skin care routine, simply beause it
really packs a punch when it comes to keeping
skin hydrated. This version also helps reduce
scarring and firms up the skin for a beautiful,
youthful glow. By applying this at night, you’ll
give it plenty of time to do its work and you’ll
get to wake up to healthy, hydrated skin. It also
absorbs quickly so it wont leave your skin looking
greasy and best of all, its organically certified.
It’s often hard when winter rolls around to find skincare products that manage to get
your skin through winter but are also sustainable and eco-friendly. Luckily, an old Aussie
favourite, Natural Instinct, has relaunched just in time for winter. Natural Instinct are an
Australian brand that are proudly free of parabens, silicone, petrochemicals, propylene
glycol, or PEGs. They dont contain any artificial colours, fragrances, harsh detergents
animal derivatives or mineral oils so they are gentle enough for even the most sensitive
skin. After a thorough road test, here are the top three Natural Instinct goodies to see you
through the harsh winter months and still sit well with you conscience.
Independent Media Inspiring Minds
Natural Instinct
Restoring Night Cream
What its good for: smoothing and
hydrating skin, improving elasticity and
fighting the signs of ageing.
Why we love it: Night creams are often
known for being thick, heavy and leaving
your skin feeling like a wet blanket.
This night cream is lightweight, ultra-
moisturising and contains Kakadu Plum
extract which is packed full of Vitamin C,
perfect for fighting wrinkles and crows
feet. It smells divine and is guaranteed to
leave your skin feeling plump and pefect,
no matter how chilly the weather gets.
You can find out more about Natural
Instinct by visiting their website.
all images courtesy of Natural Instinct
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However, it’s also the season where we forget to look after and nourish our body. We develop
chapped lips from frigid winds; unshaven legs manifest under our jeans; and cracked and dry
skin appears at the elbows, heels and between the fingers. Winter is definitely not our skins
friend! Here at TAT Beauty we have an answer. We have compiled the best organic ‘Australian
Apothecaries’, who hand-make all their own natural beauty remedies and theyre here for you
in these cold winter months.
Independent Media Inspiring Minds
Vanilla Latte Body Butter
Photo courtesy of Annwyn Organic
Oat Exfoliating Cleanser
Photo courtesy of Annwyn Organic
An nwyn Organi c
So I took my own advice and decided to try out
some organic treats for my slightly dry (okay
very dry) skin, provided from the lovely Bella,
founder of Annywn Organic. I treated myself like
a queen with a Pure Bliss Cleansing Grains and
Masque, as well as some Lemon Myrtle Cleansing
Cream. Not only did my skin smell like a florist
afterwards, but it felt nourished and rejuvenated.
Ah winter, apparently there is a weapon against
your elements in the natural beauty elements
made by Annwyn Organic.
As Bella lovingly confesses: “Creating effective,
swoon worthy skin and body treats has been my
life for the last 6 years; its something I love so
much, I feel very lucky to be able to share them
with others.”
However, her affinity with nature and its herbal
remedies began at a much younger age. Amongst
the trees of her childhood home, she would
concoct ‘healing’ potions from the gardens weeds
and flowers—of course she thought herself a witch
at the time. Her adolescence was marked with
attempts of ‘borrowing’ her mothers make-up and
skincare products—who was a natural therapist—
and delivering speeches to her classmates
about the importance of cleansing, toning
and moisturising. However, as Bella
grew older, her interest in organic
cosmetic science expanded and an
obsession for aromatherapy was
nourished—literally by natural
oils. Bella “wanted to create safe,
effective solutions for loved ones,
and for [her]self.” Ultimately,
Annwyn Organic was birthed.
An oasis of greenery and birdsong
envelops her home studio in
the foothills of Mt Stuart, as she
lovingly crafts each of her products.
In a market that was saturated with
synthetic and harmful skin lotions,
Photo courtesy of Annwyn Organic
Turkish Delight Body Scrub
Independent Media Inspiring Minds
Bella was inspired to make a difference. She was
stirred by the skin problems that her friends
suffered and combined her passion, selfless will
to help and experimental natural ingredients in
her kitchen. What emerged was a therapeutic and
nourishing balm. Ultimately, she says the results
“inspired me to continue and improve on my
potions in the hopes of soothing, healing and re-
igniting love for the skin.”
When I used her products, I could definitely feel
the energy and love she had put into making them.
Bella tells me “positivity and loving intentions
for the recipient flow through me when I’m in
this space. I think about exactly how I would
like the product (or Potion, if you like) to benefit
them and I speak it out loud.” But dont take
just my word for it. A 25-year-old acne sufferer
used the Rose Mist Toner that had her partner
exclaiming: “Your skin is looking the best I have
ever seen it." Any acne sufferer would know what
a comment like that can mean. Another client
suffering from Hashimotos Disease (causes very
dry skin), swears by Bellas Vital Beauty Serums,
as no pharmacist in 45 years had ever found him
a product as effective for his dry skin.
Annwyn Organic makes the recipient (and their
skin) feel truly cared for and loved in these
winter chills. Bella leaves our TAT readers with a
beautiful quote:
Appreciate yourself,
thank your body for all it does
for you, silence that negative
voice inside your head by
thinking only positive thoughts
filled with love. Try having
a little appreciation party for
yourself each day as you go
through your beauty regime,
you will be amazed at how it
enhances the way you
feel about yourself.
Find out more by visiting Annwyn Organic at
their Website or on Facebook.
Clear Co nscien ce Soap Company
Nature has been a big part of cosmetologist, Katie
Grachs life since a young age. She loved feeling
the salt water on her face; the mosquitos and sand
flies, even the snakes and spiders; she relished the
waterfalls and waves, but also the dirt and dessert.
It makes sense then that she would brew her love
of nature into every organic concoction. As Katie
admits “I really just worship nature.”
The regular grocery-market ‘soaps’ we have
been using, apparently are not even soap in
some cases. The popularly-used brand Dove is
actually a “syndet” bar Katie informs me, which is
short for synthetic detergent. Comparatively, all her
products are crafted with a home-made touch, using
Photo courtesy of
Clear Conscience Soap Company
Shower with
Love Soap
Independent Media Inspiring Minds
Katie believes
that when it comes
to cosmetics, food, or
anything you put in your
body, natural is better.
natural ingredients. Katie adamantly believes
that processed soap manufactured in a machine
is “like the difference between a cup of expresso
and a cup of instant coffee.”
All her soaps are either made in her kitchen or office,
by mixing lye with vegetable fat in a process called
saponification. In an industry that is shadowed
by nasty synthetics, animal-cruelty and toxins,
her company, Clear Conscience Soap Company is
making its mark. In short: your conscience can
be clear, while your skin is clear by using their
products. It is ethical and organic skin care for
your face and body in these chilly winter
Ultimately, Katie believes “that when it
comes to cosmetics, food, or anything
you put in your body, natural is better.”
Personally, she is a true cosmetologist
chef—I mean look at that piece of soap
cake. I almost want to eat it!
See all of Katies creations by visiting her
website or Facebook page.
Photo courtesy of Clear Conscience Soap Company
Photo courtesy of
Clear Conscience Soap Company
Katie making soap in her kitchen
Soap Cake
Independent Media Inspiring Minds
Cleanse with Ben efits
From a very early age, Hepzabeth suffered from
severe eczema. Aware of the preservatives and
toxins found in most generic brands, her mother
decided to make her own natural alternative. She
used ivory kaolin clay and oatmeal to soothe her
daughters irritated skin. A tradition of herbal
therapy within Hepzabeths family and a love for
natural remedies was also brewed that day. Now,
Hepzabeth owns her own business, Cleanse with
Benefits, an artisan soap and skincare company.
She takes herbal apothecary to a whole new level.
She tells me she “takes a lot of my inspiration
from the beauty of Mother nature and all her
elements.” Her products become reflections of
the scents and scenes that are unveiled to her
in our sunburnt country. Australian red clay
is mixed into the beauty bars to represent the
outback country; and the aromas of lavender
and roses perfume her soaps to replicate
the blooming world of flowers
we possess.
All her soaps are hand-
made in her Sydney-based
office and she treats each batch with a unique
care, style and design. It becomes Hepzabeths
artwork as she un-moulds the bars and shapes
them into the creations you see in the photos.
Conservatives can also cleanse with her products
with the knowledge that are environmentally
friendly, biodegradable, and do not originate
from petroleum Hepzabeth assures that “you can
rest easy knowing that what goes down the drain
wont pollute our Mother Earth further.”
Hepzabeth sums up her beauty products in three
words: “Nourishing, Balanced, Therapeutic.”
Three things that your skin would definitely
benefit from in this cold season.
You can find out all about Cleanse with Benefits
on their website or Facebook page.
takes a lot of my inspiration
from the beauty of Mother
nature and all her elements.
Photo courtesy of Alexandra Stuart
Photo courtesy of Alexandra Stuart
Cleanse with Benets
Hepzabeth at her work desk
Independent Media Inspiring Minds
Cleanse with Benefits
Image Attribution
Alexandra Stuart
Image Copyright Source
Photo courtesy of Alexandra Stuart
Cleanse with Benets products
Independent Media Inspiring Minds
As the mercury drops, we find our skin looks
a little more dull, definitely not as bright and
fresh as it normally is. A lot of us are guilty of
making some cardinal beauty mistakes in winter
(myself included!). Here are five top Winter
Beauty Mistakes, and (most importantly) how
to avoid them.
Hot Showers feel amazing, but unfortunately,
they do our skin no favours! Crank up the heat
in your shower and you might find your skin
feeling dry and damaged. To combat this, I like
to blast the hot water before I get in the shower
to create some steam, and then keep the water
luke-warm, as tempting as it might be to heat
things up.
Not drinking enough water seems obvious in
summer when we crave hydration, but when
we are being blasted by wind and there is less
moisture in the air from humidity, its easy to
see why our skin needs more hydration.
Keep a water bottle with you during the
colder months and dont forget to drink up!
Moisturiser is a pretty obvious mention here,
but its important to remember to upgrade
your daily moisturiser to be a bit richer to
keep your skin healthy and hydrated, for
both skin and body. For face, the Elemis
Pro-Collagen Marine Cream is light enough
for day wear, while still being a little richer
than your regular summer moisturising
cream. For body, you cant go wrong with
cult favourite Nivea Crème.
Independent Media Inspiring Minds
Chapped lips are easy to combat with a lip balm,
but make sure there is no menthol in the formula! This
can work against your lips and make them worse than
before! Stick to a lip butter like Korres Lip Butter in
Jasmine to avoid the flake.
Skipping SPF is easy to do in colder months, but just
because it’s not immediately noticeable doesnt mean
your skin isnt being damaged! Wear Skin79 BB+ Cream
with SPF 50+ to keep those harmful UV rays at bay.
Independent Media Inspiring Minds