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Just Jeans and Levis sell these classic white bottoms, For a casual on-the-go look to suit everyone, try a
as well as a variety of tops and outerwear to match. pair of cuffed dark wash boyfriend jeans and a
long sleeve black and white thick stripe top with a
COLOURED JEANS structured coral red blazer. For an edgier look, stay
Similar to white pants, coloured jeans are not simple by styling a pair of ripped cuffed light wash
showing any signs of fading out any time soon. boyfriend jeans with a ftted cropped cream moto
Coloured jeans can be worn everyday or for work, jacket with zip detailing over a printed white tee.
and suit different ages and body shapes due to the Accessorise with band and mid rings, and a long
range of cuts and hues available. dainty silver necklace. Shoes, bags and belts in co-
lours including mint green, mustard, tan, grey, tur-
The easiest way to wear coloured jeans is to pair quoise and orange also work well to pull the look
a black tailored blazer and plain white top with together. Jeans West and Myer are great places to
jeans in a cut and colour that suits you. shop for this relaxed trend.

For autumn and winter, pop with warmer hues such DOUbLE DENIM
as browns, camel, mustard and maroon. In sum- Another popular way to wear denim is to take
mer, add some excitement to your outft and go for some inspiration from Debbie Harry and rock
bright neon or soft pastel shades. Great coloured double denim. While it can remind skeptics of
jeans can be found in Topshop and Jeans West. a 90s faux pas, I believe the secret to dressing
denim-on- denim is to avoid simple styling. Instead,
bOyFRIEND JEANS embrace the complex range available to spice up
A boyfriend jean is also another trend that has re- your Canadian tuxedo. But beware; wearing sim-
fused to wane. To put simply, boyfriend jeans is ilar shades of denim is an easy way to send the
the collective defnition of anything androgynous, clocks turning into a not-so-trendy throwback.
sexy, edgy, chic and cool.
An easy way to rock the trend is to balance a multi-
As a general rule for this trend, its important to style toned acid wash denim shirt jacket and dark ft-
the top part of your outft with tailored or ftted piec- ted jeans with bold statement jewellery and pat-
es. By wearing an overly baggy or oversized top or terned fats. Or tuck-in a multi-coloured patchwork
jacket, the outft can be shapeless and unfattering. chambray shirt in a pair of lighter washed ripped

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