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Christine Assirvaden

alking into your bedroom and opening your wardrobe shouldnt be anything but looking forward
Wto the endless opportunities for playing dress ups. But for most of us, it can be quite daunting.
Walking into the dungeon of an overcrowded wardrobe, with oversized age-old clothing hidden along
with masses of shoes, accessories, bags and most of the time things you never knew existed. It becomes
a dreadful task sifting through copious amounts of clothing only to fnd yourself feeling uncomfortable
throwing all your confdence out your bedroom window. Then comes the all too familiar I have nothing
to wear from a wardrobe FULL of clothes. Now if this sounds like you, Ive got some great tips to bring
the life and excitement back into your wardrobe.

Its pretty easy really and by following these ward- 2. Clean out
robe make over tips by Girlfriend Magazine Junior Okay, its time to be really ruthless here.
Fashion Editor, kirsty koutsogiannis featured in Although it can be hard to part with certain
Alana Wulff s book Ultimate FashionistaThe things that have a sentimental meaning, my
Young Hollywood Style Guide (by far the best $8 motto is, if you havent seen it, thought about it
Ive ever spent!) youll be on your way to having or worn it in six months, it no longer belongs in
more fun than you can imagine. your wardrobe. Create some piles for the keep-
ers, separating t-shirts/tops, pants and an ac-
1. Identify cessories pile. Ditch the pieces that cannot be
Its vitally important to become familiar with worn or repaired, donate and give a new home
your wardrobe space. If its quite small then to pieces you can savor but no longer show
you have to make adjustments to the amount who you are. Ask yourself these fve questions
of clothing and shoes you wish to store. But and remember follow your gut instincts:
more importantly always keep it clean and • Do you love this item?
tidy and dust-free. It makes such a difference • Does it ft right?
especially when it comes to your most valu- • It is beyond repair
able items and nobody wants to deal with • When was the last time you wore it?
dusty trench coats. • Will you wear it again?

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