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by Amy Johnston

On a crisp Friday evening in August, Red Finch Bou- ofering a selling space for three businesses within
tique opened its doors to a handful of Melbourne the store for a quarter year period. Current stocks
bloggers for an evening of fashion, style, girly chats from accessories designers includeSpencer & Ruther-
and champagne. ford, Sassy Duck and Bul Bul Trading.

Located in the leafy suburb of Eltham, Red Finch Alex Perry continuously highlights that the most im-
Boutique is owned and run by the sophisticated portant part to selling your brand and drawing cus-
and always immaculately dressed Sarah Woolway. tomers into your store are through the faces of your
MsWoolwaygrew up in a little town outside Boston, store. It is without a doubt that MsWoolway was born
Massachusetts and always had fashion on her mind. to do this.Her vibrancy and passion for what she
It was an ever-present visitor that took fight through- does inspires any individual who walks through the
out the hot summers and cold Boston winters that Red Finch doors. She ofers an entire experience, not
gave her the inspiration she needed. This little visitor for the sales, but for the genuine feeling you can see
was also how theboutiques name came to light. The she gets when she meets and talks to other inspiring
Cardinal. The Red Finch. woman.

Red Finch Boutique is a designer consignment store
that was established when MsWoolwaydecided she
simply had too many clothes that were too good to
throw away. Thus, the store began taking in designer
items from women who had fallen for the impulse
buys; beautiful items that ended up sitting in their
wardrobes unworn deserving of a better life. This is
the beauty of Red Finch Boutique. One womans im-
pulse is another s treasure, and for many the idea of
spending a week s salary on a Sass & Bide dress would
make anyones stomach churn. This is the store where
you can own that designer piece you have never been
able to aford in pristine condition. The consignment
process is also a huge beneft to the seller, ofering a
45% proft when sold.MsWoolway is all about com-
munity and the store isn t just a business for her, but
a place where she can provide a comfortable, fun
environment for woman to meet, shop together and
search for that perfect Melbourne Cup outft or strik-
ing work attire. The boutique is also host to a num-
ber of nightly events throughout the year including
a charity evening for Breast Cancer Awareness and
a Wine and Consign night, giving ladies the oppor-
tunity to bring in their designer items to sell while
meeting others in a relaxed and fun environment. The Red Finch Boutique
Sarah also supports local and Australian jewellers by Photo: Amy Johnston

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