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Hi everyone!

Martin Scorsese is gracing our cover this month, breaks down the major categories and places his bets.
with The Wolf Of Wall Street thrusting him into the After some controversy surrounding certain winners at
limelight once again. The flm has divided critics, the AACTAs, Damien Straker argues that the future of
some arguing it glorifes Belfort’s extravagant lifestyle Australian cinema isn’t as bleak as you may think. He
without giving the victims of fraud the coverage discusses the ways in which our local flm industry can
they deserve, but as you’ll see in our review, Brendan be preserved and celebrated, particularly by looking to
Modini found it quite colourful and funny. our Asian neighbours.

With Valentine’s Day among us, we have two articles There are lots of new contributors on board this month,
covering very diferent ends of the Rom Com if you’re passionate about flm and have some thoughts
spectrum! TAT Film regular Sally Hess dissects ten you’d like to share, be sure to head to our website and
ways in which you can identify this beloved genre, get in touch!
while Jade Manly takes an alternative approach
looking at chick ficks for feisty femmes. Happy reading!

It is also well and truly Oscar season and in the lead Chloe
up to the 86th Academy Awards, James Carveth

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