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“Every great film should seem new every time you see it.” - Roger Ebert.

In this month›s edition of The Australia Times you will
discover the old and the new moments of cinema.
Both are complimentary and important to each

There are flm reviews of new releases that deal
with the damage of the past and the uncertainty of
technology in the future. A classic Australian villain
returns after nine years in the wilderness too. There
is a retrospective look at an Oscar hopeful›s frst
breakout flm that established her dominant place in
Hollywood today. flmmaker who has already made a series of memorable
Questions are also asked this month about why
Hollywood has lost touch with the fear of the Through a post-Oscar›s analysis, we look at why a small
vampire. Why can›t flms be more classical in their gem about the 1960s deserved recognition for the way
stylisation of tradition villains? it refects the personalities of Hollywood›s most diverse
Continuing the way the past shapes the future, you
will fnd an examination of the thriller Klute and why Both current and seasoned flms are equally signifcant
it deserves greater recognition among other classic to The Australia Times. We are looking to increase
flms. knowledge about the history of flm, along with the
perpetual movements of cinema and how the archives
Two tributes are paid to a set of contrasting of the past will afect the future of the medium.
flmmakers: a young Canadian director with a
promising career ahead of him and a vintage Italian - Damien Straker.

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