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Game: South Park: The Game: Dark Souls II
Stick of Truth Genre: Hack’n’Slash/
Genre: RPG Action RPG
release: March 6 release: March 14
COnsOle: PC, PS3, Xbox COnsOle: PS3, Xbox
360 360
In a nUTsHell: Written In a nUTsHell:
by the creators of South From Software’s latest
Park, South Park:The Stick installment in the
of Truth features everything Demon’s/Dark Souls
you’d expect from a South franchise has been
Park game, and then even more. The game pays the talk of many in the
homage to the show’s fans with Easter eggs from months leading up to the
the TV show everywhere. The RPG system is release of Dark Souls
simple enough to be easy to pick up and doesn’t II. The series is best known as one of the most
distract from the incredible recreation of the South difficult games to play in the previous generation,
Park universe that has been made. with the newest installment proving to carry on
this tradition an punishing players abruptly but
Game: The Walking Dead: Season Two - Episode never unfairly. Because of this, it’s actually one of
2: A House Divided the biggest drawcards of the game.
Genre: Point and Click/Horror
release: March 4 Game: Titanfall
COnsOle: PC, PSN, Genre: FPS
Xbox Live release: March 13
In a nUTsHell: Telltale (PC/Xbox One), March
Games’ smash hit The 28 (Xbox 360)
Walking Dead game COnsOle: PC, Xbox
series, based in the 360, Xbox One
universe of the TV show In a nUTsHell: Since
and comic books of its creation Respawn
the same name, has Entertainment has had
proven to be popular for big shoes to fill. Since
more than just the name the announcement and
alone. The gripping first reveal of Titanfall players around the world
and compelling story is have been waiting for the games launch. Titanfall
continued on in Episode smashes into the game scene and tries to change
2: A House Divided the way we play FPS games–and it does a good
where your decisions will often be the difference job at succeeding with both hulking mechanical
between life and death for the people around Titans to control and an emphasis on vertical
you. infantry-based combat.

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