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More than a decade on from the release of
World of Warcraft, MMOs continue to hold a WHAT’S INSIDE?
place in gamers’ hearts. Perhaps it’s the addiction BYTE-SIZED NEWS 6
to collecting the best gear, the companionship of
guilds, or the increased prevalence of gaming GAME RELEASES 8
online; but regardless of which it is, MMOs are GAMING RETROSPECTIVE 11
still going strong.
If you’re incredibly late to the LAN party, in this
issue Vic and Josiah look at the various MMOs MMO ON THE GO 31
available for your gaming pleasure. From mobile PUTTING 2AND2 TOGETHER 39
MMOs to the best arena experiences, it’s clear BRAIN AND BRAWN:
that there’s still a style to suit everyone – and plenty THENEW ‘ALPHA’ IN GAMING 47
more are on their way.
Last issue, we explored the subject of gaming for
education. This month, we talk to a Sydney-based DONKEY KONG COUNTRY:
developer who is defnitely using their powers for TROPICAL FREEZE 58
good. Marcus Rockstrom also questions the role TITANFALL 66
of the alpha male in video games, and explores
how this has shifted over history. Our defnition
and understanding of video games has shifted, DEPUTY EDITOR
and there’s no doubt this continue to evolve in Daniel King
Speaking of evolving, a few changes are
happening in the mag. Our contributors have Erin Bradshaw aka DINKLEBERG
so much to share and explore that we just can’t Josiah Roche aka JOJO REAPER
contain it to one monthly issue anymore, so we’re Vic Thompson aka K1W1GUY
going to become a fortnightly publication. Daniel Kyall Robinson aka TERRAPHOBIC
King also joins us on board as the Deputy Editor Jacqueline Cooper aka THiSCHiCKOWNZ
for this fne magazine – and yes, we know his
initials spell DK (which is well suited, as we have Marcus Rockstrom
a review of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Gilbert Campanillia
Freeze in this issue too). Nathan Griffths

See you in two weeks, and until then…game on. Jock Read-Hill
Kelly Kris Godwin

Mitchell McCausland

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