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Hanoi Hannah pho sho

Lauren Mitchell

moments from the relentless ruckus of chapel street
in melbourne, Hanoi Hannah has forged its own
hectic utopia. it is an enchanting little nook, well
worth exploration. at frst glance, it appears no
different to the endless wave of dimly lit, aroma flled
eateries that inhabit chapel street. but step inside,
look around, take a seat and youll immediately
immerse yourself in a little slice of Vietnam.

Hanoi Hannah manages to create intimacy in a
bustling environment (a tall order indeed). limited
table space and a no booking policy almost
guarantees a wait, but when you manage to get
inside the fun will begin. if youre willing to brave
the weather, byo blanket because the blankets
Hanoi Hannah provide are crochet and would fail
to keep magma warm (snaps for the effort though

the key to dining at Hanoi Hannah is restraint.
ideally, sharing is recommended. this will see

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