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Kristie Giblin

G oing out for dinner usually involves con- The food was absolutely amazing, but the restau-

ventions such as no elbows on the table, rant experience was the highlight of the night.
use the correct utensils and dont play
with your food. Usually entering a restaurant full of children is a
bad thing, but with Teppanyaki, the children made

If youre yet to experience Teppanyaki, then you the atmosphere and experience.
need to know that it doesnt involve any of these Trying not to watch the other diners and ruin the
rules, where food is thrown at you and eating with surprise of what was to come, we sat down around
your hands is permitted. Its interactive dining at its the rectangular table, which had a grill in the mid-
best. dle and a section for our personal chef to work in.

I recently went to Aya Teppanyaki in Armadale, Before the chef began his work we enjoyed some
Victoria and had one of the most enjoyable eating starters including a salad and miso soup followed
experiences of my life. by salmon sashimi and Wagyu beef Tataki.

From The Editor

Welcome back to THE AUSTRALIA TIMES Gourmet recipe with a twist, fnd out which food groups best
Magazine. suit your body and check out a gorgeous and excit-
ing new DIY patisserie in Melbourne.
It is time for us to celebrate our fourth edition and
with it, the Spring Racing Carnival. Look no further to There is all this, plus so much more, so if you think
fnd all the best spring racing recipes, food tips and that you have some foodie experiences, recipes,
even a full blown picnic to entice you to the tracks. reviews or general musings that you would like to
share with the world, please get in touch with us!
You can also read about one writers interactive
dining experience at Teppanyaki, try out a burger We hope you enjoy!

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