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He delicately presented the seafood to us when it
was cooked and pointed out which dipping sauces
to use with each.

That was the end of the formal eating and the real
fun began. The grill was cleared and re-doused with
oil. Our chef then threw an egg up and cracked it
on the edge of his scraper, letting the contents drip
down onto the grill plate in a twisted pattern.

More eggs were added and a giant omelette was
made which he then rolled up, set his scraper on
one end of the grill and in lightening speed started
chopping the egg. Bits few everywhere as he threw
egg up in the air for people to catch in their mouths.

With most of us with egg on our face, he started
frying vegetables and adding rice and seasoning.
Then as we had seen from surrounding tables, he put
the rice into bowls and began throwing them to us.

Luckily everyone succeeded and we were then left
to eat our fried rice with beef, and enjoy the rest of
the evening.
As we ate, cheers erupted from surrounding tables
and chatter was a-plenty. The atmosphere was Not necessarily everyones cup of tea, but if youre
exciting as other diners were catching stacks of looking for a dining experience thats a little bit dif-
bowls, flled with rice. ferent and somewhere you can take the kids, then

Id defnitely recommend trying Teppanyaki. Just
Our chef joined us and placed a wad of butter on be sure to have your hand/eye coordination up to
the grill. As soon as it started sizzling, we knew we scratch before you enter.
were in for a treat.

He answered all our questions about his craft, as
he fried calamari, prawns and white fsh. His hands
darted about seasoning the grill with salt and pep- 1193 High Street, Armadale
per, which he threw up and caught in his hat.

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