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Health is a broad topic as it encompasses
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health, mental health to emotional
health. The TAT Health magazine aims
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Our writers' vary from professionals with
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If you have an interest in health and
want to share your ideas, we’d love to
hear from you. At the most basic level
of human existence, it is our health that
often determines our experience in the
world. In the words of the famous Scottish
philosopher, Thomas Carlyle, “He who has
health, has hope; and he who has hope,
has everything.
We offer both veteran and undiscovered writers the opportunity to get published.
Have something to
COMMUNICATE, or an OPINION to state, we are your voice!
Want to
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Now that spring is
in full swing you are
probably getting
outside more to
enjoy the warmer
weekends and
longer days during
the week. Hopefully,
you also are taking
the time to be
more active. Being
out and about
after hibernating
all winter can be
invigorating, but
it can also bring
you in contact
with allergens and
irritants. Read this
month’s To p 5 for
Editor's Note
the best life hacks
to deal with hay
fever. If you have
ever wanted to
try yoga, but have
felt intimidated
by the photos of
picturesque models
with their legs
around their head,
feel encouraged
by reading Strike
a Pose, and learn
how yoga is so
much more than
just being flexible.
Massages always
feel great, but
they can be extra
beneficial during
pregnancy. Check
out Pregnancy
Massage-A Must for
Mums-To-Be to learn
how a massage
can decrease pain
during pregnancy.
Finally, we have an
inspiring message
about health, born
out of tragedy
in the article
Longevity. I hope
these articles give
you inspiration
for well-rounded
wellness in spring.
In Health,
Breast cancer is the most common cancer in Australian women,
with one-in-eight women diagnosed by the time they turn 85.
This year, more than 15,000 Australian women and 125 men are
expected to be diagnosed with breast cancer.
Despite improvements in diagnosis, treatment, and management
in recent decades, each day, 42 Australian women are
diagnosed with breast cancer, and seven will lose their lives to
the disease. Raising awareness is an important part of reducing
the impact of breast cancer on Australian women and families.
October is Australia’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a
special time to acknowledge and support the many women and
families across the country aected by breast cancer. Breast
Cancer Awareness Month originated in the United States in the
1980s and October is now the internationally recognised month
for breast cancer awareness.
For more information:
Breast Cancer
Awareness Month
Month of October
What's on
4-11 October -
Mental Health Week –
Mental Health Week is a national
event, held to coincide with World
Mental Health Day (10 October).
It's an opportunity to promote
awareness about mental health and
wellbeing, and equip people with the
right information. This year, they
are using the Act-Belong-Commit
message as the oicial theme for
Mental Health Week.
For more information
visit: http://mhw.waamh.org.au/
4-11 October -
National Amputee Awareness
Week - Nationwide
Since incorporating in 2004, Limbs
4 Life has proven to be an important
and in-demand organisation
with links to amputee support
organisations both internationally
and in Australia. The value of their
work has been recognised by a
range of philanthropic and corporate
supporters and was acknowledged
by the Federal Government in 2009
when Limbs 4 Life was honoured
with the National Disability Award
for Social Inclusion.
For more information:
11-17 October -
Haemophilia Awareness Week &
Red Cake Day - Nationwide
Haemophilia Foundation Australia
(HFA) represents the Australian
bleeding disorders community. They
are committed to improving treatment
and care through representation
and advocacy, education and the
promotion of research.
For more information:
11-17 October -
National Nutrition Week -
Nutrition Australia is a non-government,
non-profit, community-based organisation
with oices throughout Australia.
Nutrition Australia is an independent,
member organisation that aims to promote
the health and wellbeing of all Australians.
The Australian Nutrition Foundation
Inc was founded in 1979, became
incorporated in 1981, and commenced
trading as Nutrition Australia in 2001.
Nutrition Australia continues the work
of the Australian Nutrition Foundation
(ANF) as Australia's peak community
nutrition education body, to provide
scientifically-based nutrition information
to all Australians in order to encourage
everyone to achieve optimal health
through food variety and physical activity.
For more information: Click here
Independent Media Inspiring Minds
16-18 October -
Sydney Fitness & Health Expo-
Sydney Showground, Sydney
Olympic Park
No matter who you are – runner,
triathlete, football player, pilates
guru, regular gym goer, bodybuilder
or if you’re looking for inspiration
and guidance to start a fitness
routine for the first time then get
along to the ultimate event for
fitness, wellness and health.
In one easy location you can tinker
with the latest fitness gadgets, try on
new release clothing and footwear,
see the newest gym equipment and
exercise classes in action, explore
and purchase the latest nutrition
products and listen to expert advice
from top Australian and international
fitness experts, celebrities and
athletes such as Michelle Bridges,
Commando Steve, and Kim Beach.
For more information:
22 October -
Australian IBD Day –
Half our population complain of
some digestive problem within any
12 month period.
We all know someone with
heartburn, diarrhoea, an ulcer,
irritable bowel or Crohn’s disease,
colitis, or even bowel cancer. And the
rates are increasing.
The key to preventing and even
reversing these problems is to
change our views on healthy eating
and lifestyle. This does not mean
boring, hideous, or stodgy special
diets. Just eating healthy, fresh food
and watching our intakes of sugars
and fats.
The Gut Foundation specialises in
medical research to understand
the causes of gut problems,
better methods of prevention and
treatment, and continually educating
the public on the latest findings.
For more information visit:
Independent Media Inspiring Minds
25-31 October -
International Brain Tumour
Awareness Week – Worldwide
The International Brain Tumour
Alliance (IBTA) is a unique global
network for brain tumour patient
and carer groups around the world.
They work alongside, and represent,
members of our community –
including researchers, scientists,
clinicians, nurses and allied
healthcare professionals – to engage
in advocacy, to raise awareness, and
to share information.
For more information:
26 October -
Blue Knot Day - Nationwide
ASCA is a specialist national
Australian organisation. It advocates,
builds, and delivers support to
facilitate recovery with and for
people, families and communities
aected by childhood trauma and
Childhood trauma directly aects an
estimated 5 million adult Australians.
It also aects their families and their
Research shows that when survivors
receive the right help, recovery is
possible. And that when survivors
who are parents receive the right
support the intergenerational
impacts of childhood trauma can be
intercepted. It is a time for hope and
For more information:
Independent Media Inspiring Minds
t's BBQ season! Windows have been opened and backyard
parties are in full swing. Even though I love red meats, it has
been shown time and time again that increased consumption
of red meat and processed meat products raise your risk for
problems such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and
cardiovascular problems. There are so many ways to get creative
on the BBQ while still impressing your guests. Here are some of
my favourite non-meat options for the grill.
Vegan Foods for the Grill
Independent Media Inspiring Minds
My Favourite
© FeeLoona, pixabay
copyright 2015 under a CC0 public domain
These peppers are very low on both
the caloric scale, as well as the
glycaemic index. The rainbow of
colour these vegetables provide will
spruce up any BBQ banquet spread.
Their high levels of vitamin C and
antioxidants, like carotenoids and
flavonoids, will give your immune
system a boost. Capsicums are
notorious for losing a significant
portion of their phytonutrients
when cooked on a high heat so try
grilling on a low heat, and for a very
short period of time. I recommend
placing these bad boys on the grill
just after you have fired it up, as the
grate is warming.
Although corn may seem a pretty
ordinary food, it has unique health
benefits. The digestive benefits of
corn are incredible. Corn’s insoluble
fibre aids the growth of good bacteria
in our large intestines. These bacteria
convert the corn into short chain fatty
acids which in turn provide energy
to the cells of the large intestines.
Keeping the cells of the large intestine
healthy is important in promoting
regular bowel movements and
preventing gastrointestinal disorders
and diseases. I recommend leaving
the corn in the husk while you grill.
To flavour the corn, once you have
husked it, take a sliced lime, dip both
sides in paprika or powdered chilli,
then slide the lime along the corn as
you gently squeeze. This will distribute
the flavours nicely over the cob.
Independent Media Inspiring Minds
© Stevepb, pixabay 2014 under CC0
© Doris Dorfmeister, pixabay, 2014 under CC0
This spring time specialty is high in vitamin K. We know that Vitamin K, a
fat-soluble vitamin, is essential in blood clotting. Now, however, it is believed
that the correct levels of vitamin K are also necessary in the body in order
to allow vitamin D to do its job in building strong bones. Asparagus has
a higher respiration rate than other vegetables, which means it will lose
water and wrinkle quicker than the broccoli and lettuce sitting next to it in
the fridge. Try wrapping the ends of the asparagus in a damp paper towel
during storage and eat within 2 days of purchasing. Asparagus is lovely
with a light oil coating and a quick grill on all sides.
© Taken, pixabay, 2015 under CC0
To me, peaches are a warm weather
staple. This great fruit provides you
with minerals such as potassium,
magnesium, phosphorus, and zinc
with every sweet, sticky bite. Grilled
peaches will be a hit dessert to round
out an excellent BBQ. Make sure
to choose very fragrant peaches
that yield slightly to the touch but
aren't mushy. Slice your fruit in half
and remove the pit. If you like, you
can brush the entire fruit in a light
coating of butter. Grill each side for
4 minutes on a medium-low heat.
This traditional soy product is
different from its soy brother, tofu,
in many respects. Tempeh is created
by fermenting cooked soybeans,
so the entire bean including its
protein, fibre, anxtioxidants and
more remain. The result is a texture
that is firmer and chewier than tofu.
Tempeh is a great replacement
for a burger. Although I love a
good lentil burger at a BBQ, I am
often plagued by creating lentil
patties that don’t stick together
completely. Tempeh is a great
alternative. Slice your tempeh into
long, flat, rectangular pieces. Brush
on any sauce or marinade you like
and set on the grill.
Independent Media Inspiring Minds
© Tempeh tomatoes and friends, Tempeh Bacon,
Flickr, 2011, copyright under an attribution licence
© Woodleywonderworks, Simple Grilled Peaches, Flickr,
copyright 2014 under an attribution licence
Hayfever Hacks
“Hay fever or allergic rhinitis, is one of the most common chronic
respiratory conditions in Australia, affecting around 15% of Australians
or 3.1 million people. The amount of money paid by community
pharmacies to wholesalers for medications commonly used to treat
allergic rhinitis doubled between 2001 ($107.8 million) and 2010 ($226.8
million). - The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 2011
hile springtime brings
beautiful blossoms,
warmer weather, and
more daylight, so comes more
pollen than most people care to
tolerate. Pollen is one of the most
irritating allergens known to man,
and while you can’t necessarily
avoid it, you can support your body
to better prepare yourself for those
looming attacks. This month’s Top
Top 5
5 article is dedicated to providing
you with tips for relieving the
persistent sneezing, runny noses,
and itchiness associated with
hay fever. It will look at some
secret and not-so-secret hay fever
“hacks” that target networks and
organs in your body, which may
be congested and preventing your
immune system from reaching its
optimal output.
Independent Media Inspiring Minds
Garlic and horseradish are my
all-time favourite interventions
for the symptomatic relief of hay
fever. They are two potent anti-
inflammatory herbal medicines
available in food or supplement form
from many dierent supermarkets,
grocers, and retailers around
Australia. According to Carole
Fisher’s scientifically supported
Materia Medica, both garlic and
horseradish produce positive eects
on your respiratory and circulatory
systems. Last month’s Top 5
explained that glucosinolates are
found in broccoli and are beneficial
for improving elimination pathways
in your body. Those compounds
and benefits are also found in
horseradish. Certain classes of
glucosinolates work to protect the
health of your mucous membranes,
which are the first line of defence
from your immune system. The
compounds found in horseradish
work to restore and support
these mucous membranes in your
respiratory tract, and also have an
ainity for your paranasal sinuses.
This means that any allergens you’re
potentially breathing in will be
neutralized and eliminated quickly,
while garlic elicits its powerful
antimicrobial eect, preventing
the onset of an infection. Garlic
will also stimulate your circulation
to help move the excess mucous
produced and neutralize allergens
accumulated after these herbs
have worked their course. Exercise
caution if you have any thyroid
issues or have been prescribed
blood-thinning medications such as
Warfarin. If you’re concerned about
dosing and contraindications, it’s
always best to discuss this with a
Naturopath or Herbalist.
Garlic & Horseradish
Independent Media Inspiring Minds
© condesign, Garlic, Cloves of Garlic, Kitchen, pixabay 2014
Quercetin is an antioxidant
flavonoid, a chemical compound that
provides colour (or pigmentation)
to many fruits and vegetables. It
has been hailed as nature’s own
antihistamine, where its action
is to stabilise mast cells in your
body. Mast cells become prevalent
during allergic reactions, and are
responsible for firing out histamine,
another chemical compound that
dilates your blood vessel walls,
in order to allow more immune
chemicals to enter the site where
allergens have intruded. When
immune chemicals travel en masse
to the aected site, the inflammation
response becomes greater, which
can cause a whole range of
discomfort such as pain, fever, the
excessive production of mucous
(running noses), itchiness, and
swelling. With mast cells stabilised,
these symptoms significantly
reduce. Quercetin supplements are
starting to make appearances in
relevant retailers and pharmacies,
now that more scientific research
is available. However, if you love
to use your food as medicine, up
the ante on your berry, green fruit,
and vegetable smoothies – they are
loaded with Quercetin!
Independent Media Inspiring Minds
© FraukeFeine, Elder black elder berry, pixabay 2014
Saline rinses aid in flushing out pollen particles and any other allergens
residing in your nasal passages that can become reactive. Rinsing also
improves the function of your mucous membranes and the cilia present
throughout your nasal passages. The cilia are hair-like follicles that guide
mucous through to its excretory pathways, rather than leaving it building
up and becoming congested throughout your nasal cavity and paranasal
sinuses. You can purchase a ready-made saline solution nasal spray, a Neti
Pot kit, or you can make your own solution. The American Academy of
Allergy, Asthma and Immunology provide a great recipe with instructions
for saline rinsing, converted to metric measurements and displayed below:
Saline Rinsing
1. 3 heaped teaspoons of pickling or
canning salt (make sure it contains
no iodide, anti-caking agents
or preservatives as they can be
irritating to the nasal lining.)
2. 1 rounded teaspoon of Baking soda
3. 1 cup of lukewarm distilled or boiled
In a clean container, add the salt
and baking soda and store in a small
airtight container to use later.
• Add 1 teaspoon of the mixture to 1
cup of lukewarm distilled or boiled
water. (Use less of dry ingredients
to make a weaker solution if
burning or stinging is experienced.)
• For children, use half a teaspoon
with half a cup of water.
• Using a soft rubber ear bulb
syringe, infant nasal bulb or any
other commercial nasal saline rinse
product, use the rinse by following
these steps:
1. Draw up the saline solution into
the bulb. Tilt your head downward
over a sink (or in the shower) and
rotate your head to the left. Squeeze
approximately half of the solution
gently into the right nostril. Breathe
normally through your mouth. In
a few seconds the solution should
come out through your left nostril.
Rotate your head and repeat the
process on the left side.
2. Adjust your head position as needed
so the solution does not go down
the back of your throat or into your
3. Blow your nose very gently to
prevent the solution from going into
your ear and causing discomfort.
4. After using the rinse, you may
continue to use your hay fever
supplements or medications. You
may notice that they work better.
Independent Media Inspiring Minds
Embrace lymphatic dry skin
brushing if you’re prone to any
congestive or immune reactive
conditions, such as hay fever. A
gentle brushing on your dry skin
innervates your lymphatic system,
the network that is intertwined
amongst your cardiovascular
system. It transports lymph, a fluid
that is rich in immune chemicals.
Dry skin brushing will aid in
relieving excessive congestion, often
caused by sluggish lymph flow,
in turn supporting your immune
system. It is important to ensure
that you’re using a medium-soft
bristled brush so you’re not tearing
Lymphatic Dry Skin Brushing
away at your skin. Most of your
lymph nodes and lymphatic vessels
don’t reside very deep within your
skin, so vigorous scrubbing action
isn't required. When brushing, start
at your fingers and toes, and gently
brush your entire body towards
your core. Imagine sweeping up any
congestion and moving it towards
the “dust pan”, or your spleen in
this case, so you are directing the
flow of lymph towards its necessary
excretion points. Dry skin brushing
is a great non-invasive method to
help support your immunity, move
excessive congestion, and is an
excellent exfoliator!
Independent Media Inspiring Minds
© Hans, Skin Brush, pixabay 2015
Your cardiovascular network
runs straight through your liver,
oloading compounds that are
ready for metabolism or elimination.
When your liver has become
overloaded with work, there’s
a startling eect on how toxic
compounds and metabolites are
eliminated, which often results in
your body holding on to substances
that it doesn’t require. In the
naturopathic world, there is a very
real connection between sluggish
liver detoxification and peculiar
symptoms arising throughout many
body systems.
Relevant symptoms relating to hay
fever are:
• Persistent headaches
• Itchy noses, eyes and skin
• Unexplained coughing and sore
Love Your Liver
• Dizziness
• Weakened immunity
• Hyper-sensitivity to
environmental changes and
• Sinus congestion and runny
• Fever
In order to combat the hyper-
exacerbation of these symptoms,
there are some fairly simple ways
to reduce the load on your liver that
doesn’t involve an expensive detox
plan. By simply reducing your intake
of artificial foods and preservatives,
and reducing the application of
cosmetics, deodorants, perfumes,
hair products, and skin products
from your daily routines, gives your
liver a chance to regulate itself and
get through the backlog of work that
otherwise would be irritating your
lymphatic and respiratory systems.
Allergic rhinitis ('hay fever') in Australia. Australian Institute of Health
and Welfare 2011. Available at: http://www.aihw.gov.au/publication-
detail/?id=10737420595. Accessed: 16th September 2015.
Independent Media Inspiring Minds
© Hans, Skin Brush, pixabay 2015
Perrie Massouras
is currently studying Naturopathy in Melbourne. As well
as working in the Aged Care industry, her focus is on
promoting longevity through the development of healthy
minds and healthy bodies. She is mesmerized by herbal and
nutritional medicines and believes they will be the key to
reducing the statistics of debilitating mental and physical
health problems in the future.
© Scott Johnson, 2014
s yoga has adapted to the West it hasn’t been immune to the effects
of our consumer culture. The view prescribed to us by the Western
mindset of bigger, harder, faster, better, are antithetical to yogic
practice. Yoga is not trying to teach us to become more obsessed with
our physical body and appearance by turning it into a competitive sport-like
activity. However, a lot of what we see in images from the mainstream yoga
world is ‘perfectly beautiful’ people performing intense looking, advanced yoga
postures promoting the harder, bigger, better mentality.
Yoga is a strong physical discipline no
doubt. It can require a intense effort on
the part of the body. Yet, yogic fruition
is not based upon being purely strong,
fit and flexible. Yoga is not a pursuit of
outer, physical prowess for its own sake.
Although, you might think it is if you
follow the popular yogis on Instagram,
or glance at most of the marketing
images selling yoga out there.
Unfortunately, promoting yoga in the
media through images of advanced
contortions (performed many a time by
ex-gymnasts and pro-dancers, some of
which are professed self-taught ‘yogis’)
gives off the impression that the more
difficult the posture one performs, the
more advanced the practitioner. We
are sent the message that ‘perfection
and physical advancement in a yoga
pose is the ‘goal’ of yogic practice.
Over time, regular yoga practice will
naturally increase the body’s strength,
suppleness and mobility to varying
degrees for each practitioner. This is
not, however, what we are ‘striving’
Independent Media Inspiring Minds
© Dave Roseblum, Yoga, Flickr, 2013,
allowed under an attribution licence
solely to achieve through practice.
Being able to show off that ‘WOW
factor’ pose is by no means the height
of the fruition of the yogic path. Yet,
this appears to be the goal so many
modern practitioners push for in order
to ‘deepen’ their practice.
Promoting yoga through images of
fancy, advanced postures, executed by
elite physical specimens, makes yoga
appear inaccessible to anyone who
may never have done yoga and wants
to enter into the practice. It can all too
often be the reason people say, “Oh
yoga isn’t for me. I could never do that!”
The fruition of the yogic path is
about much more than physical
advancement in poses (asana).
To progress on the path requires
years of ongoing study, practice,
dedication and guidance from a well-
learned teacher for us to begin to
contextualize and grasp the deeper
meaning and purpose of the practice.
Yoga in essence is about taking the
practitioner beyond the limited concepts
we hold about ourselves- including
our body, our self-image and our place
in the world. The body is our vehicle
for experiencing life. We use asana to
cultivate the health of the body-mind
complex. Cultivating health, sensitivity
and receptivity in the physical body
and greater clarity in the mind through
yoga asana is a foundational step toward
achieving greater fruition on the yogic
path- not the goal alone. But, if our
motive to practice yoga is to achieve
(non-attainable) ‘perfection’ of the body
in the pose, we may very well only
end up attaining greater attachment
to the physical body and its’ looks. A
predominate focus, or obsession with
pushing for bigger, faster, deeper, better,
Independent Media Inspiring Minds
© Jade Warner
Elke Avis is the founder of Free Girls Yoga a non-prot
organization offering yoga and health education to girls
in schools and through the local community.She has
been practicing and studying in the yoga tradition for 14
years and teaching yoga since 2008.Elke is a graduate of
Trika Institute’s 7 Year Yogic Studies Program in Berkeley,
CA, and a participant in a 4 year fulltime in resident yoga
teacher training program with DHARMA INC. in the
mountains of Northern Thailand. She now lives on the
Northern Beaches of Sydney with her family enjoying
offering the practice of yoga to the community.
harder physically over time transforms
our practice into ‘yoga-like exercise’ for
a strong, hard body as opposed Yoga for
ultimate freedom of being.
We don't have to be able to do advanced
bodily contortions to gain the benefits
of yogic practice whatsoever. It's not
about what the posture looks like from
the outside, or how ‘deep’ we go in it.
Rather, it is about using the practice
to awaken self-connection through
consciously using breath, movement
and increasing our awareness. Yoga
is a practice of taking our wondering
mind and over-externalized attention
and focusing inward to start to know
more deeply whom we really are. With
sincere motive and a true desire to
grow on the path of yoga, we begin to
express innate wisdom from within,
allowing us to become more functional,
whole and contented individuals.
We must try not to be put off taking
up yoga because we can’t put our leg
behind our head or hold a handstand
split; that is certainly not a pre-
requisite for starting yoga practice,
nor advancing toward greater yogic
attainment. There is a yoga practice to
suit everyone, every body, and every
level of physical capacity. Yoga has
something amazing to offer us far
beyond just the achievements of the
physical body.
Independent Media Inspiring Minds
Lost Farm
© Kristie Giblin, 2015
here is just something about
looking out to where the
sea meets the sky, which
encourages a really deep breath and a
strong sense of calm.
This view, set against the rolling
sand dunes of the famous
Barnbougle and Lost Farm Golf
Courses, makes for the perfect back
drop to a relaxing afternoon at the
Barnbougle Spa, on Tasmania’s
North East Coast.
The hill to reach the spa entrance is
very much worth the eort for the
view and relaxation at the top. As
you walk out through reception, the
view hits you through the floor to
ceiling windows, in all its glory.
We changed into our bathers,
donned the cuddly robes and
slippers, and made our way into
the gorgeous spa room for an hour
of pure bliss.
The wind whipped outside as
we sipped on our complimentary
glass of sparkling Janz (A Tassie
specialty, conveniently positioned
between Barnbougle and the closest
airport in Launceston) and bathed in
the equally enjoyable bubbles of the
perfectly heated spa.
It’s moments like these (or an hour)
where you are able to truly relax and
enjoy the beauty of your surrounds.
Time we don’t take anywhere near
often enough.
Independent Media Inspiring Minds
© Kristie Giblin, 2015
With so much to look out upon and
soak in (including some golfers
playing below) the hour was soon
up, and o into the nice warm
shower we went to bathe in some
delightful complimentary products.
Whether spending time on your
own, with your partner, or up to
six friends, I highly recommend
this experience for a wonderful
day of relaxation.
The spa also does a large range
of treatments from scrubs to
vinotherapy, steaming, facials,
naturopathy and more.
Why not make a full day of it and
enjoy a meal at the Lost Farm
Restaurant (review in Gourmet
Magazine Vol 3 No. 9) if you just
can’t get enough of that view, which
I guarantee you won’t!
About an hour’s drive from
Launceston, Barnbougle Spa
defines relaxation and showcases
Tasmania’s beauty. A must visit for
tourists and locals alike.
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It’s moments like these (or
an hour) where you are able
to truly relax and enjoy the
beauty of your surrounds.
Time we don’t take anywhere
near often enough.
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In loving memory of Rosemary Cameron.
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ust last month I lost a friend
unexpectedly. She was 46 and
left her husband and three girls
behind. Absolutely devastating.
She must have known her time was
soon because she wrote a goodbye
letter to everyone three years prior.
She also suffered from a stroke even
before this which was probably the
first big sign that things were taking
a change on the inside. Yes she had
lived with the autoimmune disease
type 1 diabetes since childhood
which would take a toll on the body
over time. However, today people
with diabetes have the ability to
manage their disease so that they
can live well into their 80's and
even 90's. So why did my friend
leave so young? Why was she one
of the ones that had a shortened life
expectancy? Chances are it's way
too complex to really know. There
are so many elements at work in
the human body due to individual
organs operating independently, but
also working together to create the
whole system. You are only as strong
as the weakest link so if one organ
is not functioning at full capacity it
will put a strain on other parts of
the system; lifestyle factors would
either exacerbate or manage the
issues. Other bodily pressures would
then be hard for the whole system
to cope with an ongoing basis such
as nutritional deficiencies. As this
complex machine starts to show
wear and tear in too many places
health declines.
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© Carinakrammer, pixabay, 2015, under CC0
I know that my friend did not want
anyone to really know about her
condition and she hid it well. She
downplayed it and didn't want sympathy.
She never talked about it and was not
very contactable if she was unwell. She
never asked for help or seemed to want
any. In the time I knew her I would never
have guessed that she had issues with
her health. She never lived a lifestyle of
someone working hard to make sure
she stays on top of it on a daily basis.
She seemed to be living a normal life
like everyone else around her as if she
was like everyone else. But she wasn't.
She needed to take extra special care of
herself to make sure she protected her
body, her life, and longevity.
For the life of me I am so perplexed at
the amount of people all over the world
who know something is not right within
them and they don't change the way
they live. It brings to mind the saying
by Albert Einstein 'The definition of
insanity is to do the same thing over and
over and expect a different result'.
Where there is a will there is a way.
If you seek you shall find.
The answers are always within.
So what can you do if you find yourself
in a position where you know you have
somehow landed on the wrong path?
The power is in your control to stop your
downhill slide and change course. Your
life depends on it, so what are you willing
to do to create the health you deserve?
Listen to your body's messages
with awareness
Your body sends you messages every
day. Your body communicates all day
long through a feedback loop. Although
cells respond in chemicals your mind is
very connected to your body's cells. What
is it telling you? What area needs your
Feel what you feel, don't talk yourself into
Accept what you feel, don't judge what's
actually there.
Trust your body, all your billions of cells
are on your side wanting to create health
and working towards it, don't work
against it.
Value change and spontaneity, your
emotions change, your cells and your
brain changes...don't be the policeman who
stops the flow of change by blocking it with
rigid, fixed beliefs.
Enjoy what your body wants to do, your
body will like different things at different
times so give it what it needs...it may be
rest one minute and activity the next.
To heal we must change. There are
three areas that are so connected that
when one is imbalanced they all are:
the mind, body and spirit. The start of
any self healing journey is to research.
Ask questions to find the answers. Seek
and you shall find. Trial and error is
important too. Make changes and listen
to your body as to how it is responding
to the change. Seek professional help
from different fields. If you have a
physical ailment, work with both
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medical practitioners and holistic
practitioners. Read books about your
condition that inspire and motivate
change. Become an expert about YOU.
Change starts in your mind. Some great
authors to help change our beliefs and
heal our body are Louise Hay and Dr Lissa
Rankin. You must make mental shifts to
create change. Then practice a new skill
for 21 days to make it a new habit. Life is
all about change and if you choose not
to embrace it then the universe seems to
find a way to force it upon us. In choosing
to embrace change you are taking
control of the change you wish to create
instead of leaving it to chance. Always
work from the inside out. You can only
change yourself. You will find your entire
life around you change as you change
yourself within. Most importantly you
must be willing to change.
Create change in your body. Bodies need
nourishing, nutrient-dense foods. The food
becomes blood, the blood becomes cells
and, the cells become you. A clean whole
foods anti-inflammatory diet is a great
place to start. Take out the toxins and put
in the building blocks for your body to
care for itself and be strong.
Finally work on the spirit. It's important
to live in a more mindful way. Here are
some tips on how to do just that.
• Be true to yourself. By knowing
who you are you can be yourself.
• Not judging yourself, over-
analysing what you're going to
say, or getting caught up in your
• Accepting and appreciating what
each moment offers.
• Allowing things to be the way they
are, without getting caught up in
expectations, hopes, wishes, and
• Being patient with yourself and
other people. Not being impatient or
anxious for certain things, pleasant
and unpleasant, to happen.
• Trusting yourself and your feelings.
• Be giving to yourself so you have
plenty to give to others. Self care is
loving and respecting you.
So my final note is to be kind to
yourself, embrace change and choose
the life you desire. We all deserve
longevity...so choose to live a long and
happy life because it's better to die
trying than to not try at all. I love Dr
Mark Hymans 10 steps to reverse auto
immune disease.
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is a health coach in Melbourne. “I am on a mission to show
mums a new way of looking at the food they eat and how to
go back to traditional foods to nourish their whole family”.
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Ȉ ǡ
Ȉ 
Ȉ 
Ȉ 
Ȉ 
Ȉ 
Ȉ 
Ȉ 
Ȉ 
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A Must for Mums-To-Be
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There are countless reasons to
have massage therapy during
your pregnancy. Massage therapy
addresses different needs
through a range of specialized
techniques. It aims to reduce
muscle tension and improve
lymphatic and blood circulation
through mild pressure applied to
the body.
Improves Circulation and
Reduces Edema
The techniques that the therapist
uses during a pregnancy massage
are specifically designed to
improve circulation and blood
flow to both the mother and baby.
During a pregnancy massage
the therapist will use long gliding
motions starting at the feet and
moving up the legs toward the
lymph nodes. The direction of the
strokes is important and assists
the body to remove the excess
fluids. Many women experience
swelling and pooling of fluid
around the hands, feet and joints
during pregnancy, particularly
in the later stages. Excess fluid
around the joints can cause
aching, pain, restricted range of
motion and even compression of
nerves resulting in nerve pain.
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© Caitlin Plummer, 2014
Independent Media Inspiring Minds
© Caitlin Plummer, 2014
Reduces Muscle Tension, Headaches and Pain
Similarly to a regular massage the therapist applies
specific techniques to stretch and elongate muscles
that have become short and tight. Tightness of muscles
is often a contributing factor to low back pain, neck,
shoulder pain, headaches and sciatic pain that is often
experienced during pregnancy.
Hormone Regulation
Many women experience extreme mood swings during
pregnancy as a result of heightened hormones circulating
through their bodies. Recent studies have shown that
the hormone levels associated with tension and stress
are significantly reduced when massage therapy was
introduced to a women’s prenatal care. In women who
received massage therapy twice per week (for only five
weeks), hormones such as norepinephrine and cortisol
(the stress hormones) were reduced along with an
increase in dopamine and serotonin (low levels of these
hormones are often associated with depression.) The
changes in hormone levels also led to fewer complications
during labor and fewer cases of newborn complications,
such as low birth weight.
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During pregnancy the body goes through immense
changes this can be detrimental to the mothers posture.
The extra weight that the body has to carry makes every
day activities much more challenging and can lead to
a lordosis in the lower back and a kyphosis in the upper
back. Massage can assist the muscles change and adapt
to the strains of pregnancy. There are also specialized
taping techniques that your remedial therapist can apply
to help correct the posture and take some of the load off
stressed muscles. Taping can also be an affective tool to
help add some support when the skin is becoming taught
and stretched.
In addition to these benefits massage therapy during
pregnancy can also assist to reduce anxiety, decrease
symptoms of depression, relieve joint pains, boost skins
elasticity reducing the chance of stretch marks and can
improve labor outcomes and newborn health.
In Balance Mobile Massage offer treatments specifically
designed for Mums and Mums-To-Be. Each treatment is
unique to address the Mothers needs.
Could you or someone you know benefit from a
Pregnancy Massage?
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Independent Media Inspiring Minds
© Caitlin Plummer, 2014
An inspiring quote to motivate
you for self-improvement.
"I have always believed
that exercise is the key not
only to physical health but
to peace of mind."
Nelson Mandela, Long Walk to Freedom