About Arts

ArtsWelcome to TAT Arts! What is Art? Why does it exist? And why, for millennia have we, as the human species, felt compelled to create art? Big questions, we know, but these are the questions, now more than ever, that should drive us. TAT Arts believes, first and foremost, in engaging the reader and encouraging them think, or re-think about art. TAT Arts will focus (for now) on various aspects of the fine arts; that is paintings, ceramics, sculptures, instillations, exhibitions and all things related to these areas.

TAT Arts exists to bring together various aspects of the arts into a single forum that is engaging, approachable, thought provoking and informative to a broad audience. Art by nature is highly subjective and the aim of TAT Arts is not to function as an encyclopaedic reference point but to rather bring a unique and engaging perspective on a particular theme. Most importantly TAT Arts aims to enthuse and encourage independent thought on a subject by anyone with an inquisitive mind.