About Digital


The Digital Magazine is about the digital world. To begin, we live in an increasingly connected world of digital devices. The computer revolution has definitely taken hold and has impacted on our world that we are only beginning to appreciate. This magazine sets out to provide and experience of the digital world, to inform, educate, entertain and hopefully inspire the reader.

The digital world is not just about computers, it’s about ones and zeros. We’re not talking about “The Matrix”, but if you look around, you will see digital devices replacing, augmenting and creating new ways of being in ways not imagined even twenty years ago. We will cover aspects of computers, and the internet, sure. But as the digital world has permeated every part of our existence, so we will also delve into other connected subjects.

We will cover news articles, new technologies, old technologies, lessons from the past and ideas for the future. This will not be a trade journal, full of technical jargon and made up acronyms (or MUA), it will not be a platform for one program or technology. We aim to make this magazine accessible to a wider audience, and we welcome feedback, ideas and contributions from our readers.