Education Team

Kristine Lane


With an over-active imagination and a brain that analyses too much; stories, ideas, ruminations and what-ifs constantly swirl around Kristines head, burning with a desire to be expressed in the written form. With her first attempt at writing a screenplay as a child after listening to Vivaldis ‘Winter’; teaching English to high school students in both Australia and overseas; to freelance writing for magazines and a corporate website, Kristine loves how words can paint pictures and provoke thought. And in today’s media-enriched world, Kristine thanks the Literature Gods for the bottomless trough of fodder to feed her frenzied fantasies and fervent reflections.

Lee Nguyen


Fatima Jabeen


I am a creative person. My interests are in painting, writing, food and community services.

Dom Chahine


I manage multi-million dollar construction projects by day, with a thriving passion for photography by night! Whether it’s catching sunsets in all corners of the globe or capturing a new born’s first smile, photography has provided endless opportunities and experiences.

Samuel Borgert


1/2 Hit105 Radio show,1/3 YouTube group,1 full time Journalism student,A pinch of child care work,1 cup of flour,Mix together & bake for 40 minutes at 180 degrees.

Pooja V Kumar