About Geo

The Australia Times GEO (Global Environmental Outlook) is a publication centred around the sustainability of our planet. With an appreciation of scientific research and discovery, GEO aims to raise awareness and inspire interest in protecting nature.
Inside GEO magazine you will find diverse variety of articles on topics ranging from biodiversity, to climate change, to environmental policies.  Designed for both the scientific community and wider public, this magazine will bring you informative and relevant reports of our global environment.

GEO magazine celebrates passion in all things from the microhabitat of the backyard to the great national parks of the world. Thus, readers are encouraged to share their interests with us – any feedback, suggestions or contributions are welcome.

Earth is truly a unique oasis of life. Home to over 7 billion people and an even greater number of species, our amazing planet contains wonders beyond comprehension. So through GEO, open your eyes to the beauty that surrounds us and discover the world’s natural wonders.