About Indie Books

CaptureWelcome to The Australia Times Indie Books Magazine

TAT Indie Books is about helping to promote enterprising writers who have forged ahead and self-published their work.

These days, with traditional publishers unable or unwilling to take on all the writers who submit manuscripts to them many excellent stories never get to be shared.

Once, authors who self-published were looked down upon, but nowadays even well known authors are choosing this path.

TAT Indie Books is a place where writers who have done the hard work of writing, editing, polishing and self-publishing their work, can showcase it and share it.

It is a place where readers may come and find new favourite authors, with each review also featuring a Q&A with the respective author.

TAT Indie Books is a responsive publication and we encourage writers and readers alike to share your interests with us.

Feedback, suggestions, and contributions are welcome.