Kids Team

James Doyle

Managing Editor

James is an award winning author with a specialism in Science and Geography. In 2013, he won The International Reading Association’s Award for Non-Fiction. He has worked with many publishers including Dorling Kindersley and Gibbs-Smith. He is currently working on his superhero book and when he’s not fighting crime and evil wrong-doers, he works as a contributor for TAT! (WHICH IS JUST AS EXCITING AS FIGHTING SUPER VILLANS.)

Elizabeth Cummings


Formally a primary school teacher from UK, I now live in Sydney spending time writing for children and adults alike. My works reflect the world from a childs perspective explaining their world and experiences through their voice. I have published two books; The Disappearing Sister, childs account of anorexia nervosa and The Sweetest Lollipop Lady in the World, a picture book about a kind lollipop lady. These two books are from two distinct series of bodies of work I am currently developing. The former is part of the Elephant in the Room Series; where difficult topics are raised so that they might be a way in to a conversation with young children. The latter, is the first in a series of books about characters in a fictional town I have created called Verityville. The second story in this series The Garbage Guy is due out in April 2016; a simple tale of a hard-working garbage guy striving to keep the town clean despite it often being a thankless job. The second narrative in the Elephant in the Room series is titled The Forever Kid and deals themes of grief and loss.

Al McCartan


Former broadcaster and journalist – now retired – enjoys the opportunity to ‘scribble’ poetry and short stories.

Mona Ayoub


I hold a Bachelor of Environmental Science where I majored in Environmental Management and Biology from Macquarie University. I am currently completing a Masters in Bioethics from the University of Sydney focusing on clinical research and health law. I am interested in international affairs and peace, this encouraged me to join the UNAA peace program where I became the event coordinator since 2014. In this role, I became an integral part of the organisation and development of the international day of peace events such as salute to the sun and the synchronisation of ringing of peace bells worldwide. This not only gave me the opportunity to grow as an individual however helped me see that no matter where you are in this world, something can bring you closer to one another.

Jennifer Douglas


With over 10 years experience in publicity, public relations and the marketing industry, which includes working with Allen and Unwin and Palmer Higgs Publishing, Jennifer has a vast knowledge in both the publishing and publicity industry. Having undertaken many courses over the years in writing and poetry Jennifer has anin-depth knowledge in the field of writing and reviewing, being able to provide an efficient, effective and professional service as a publicist. As a qualified Early Childhood Educator and a home educating mum with over 16 years experience, she has a passion for quality children’s books and educational resources. When not working Jennifer can be found relaxing with a good book, writing a book or spending time with her family and the vast array of pets they have acquired over the years.

kanwal kaur


Kathy Figueroa


Kathy Figueroa likes to create the old-fashioned style of poetry that tells a story and was popular in another era, when the recitation of poems served to entertain audiences at social gatherings, particularly during the pioneer days. In a continuation of this tradition, Kathy also gives poetry readings in and around the Bancroft area. Since 2012, her work has appeared in ten self-published chapbooks, dozens of anthologies, over one hundred editions of The Bancroft Times and Bancroft This Week newspapers, and her four books: Paudash Poems, Flowertopia, The Cathedral of the Eternal Blue Sky, and The Ballad of the PoeTrain Poeteer: Winnipeg to Vancouver. A fifth collection is slated to be published in 2016. Numerous international blogs and websites also contain her work. Born in a mountainous region of southern British Columbia, Kathy Figueroa resides in a rugged rural area near Bancroft, Ontario, Canada.

Anies Hannawati


Is a self-published writer who delights in writing children activities. Though her background is electrical engineering, her active daughter inspires her to do many things for children. She has several free activities e-books for children at and also Indonesian activities e-books for children at

Mocco Wollert