About Melbourne

melbourneWelcome to Melbourne.

Melbourne Mag exists to give our readers greater choice in finding out about Melbourne events, news, people, food and culture.

Melbourne Mag is the friend you go to for a restaurant recommendation on Friday night, the friend you go to a music gig with on Saturday and a gallery during the week, the friend you get into passionate discussions about anything and everything, from sustainable farming, to gender equality, to honouring Aboriginal artists, to the local politics of Chapel St.

Melbourne Mag is at a party mingling with everyone and anyone, talking in intimate groups about the best festivals they’ve been to, asking about someone’s organic, locally produced bronzer, or letting people which pubs have the best selection of craft beer on tap. Melbourne Mag is in the corner having an intense discussion about the future of Australian film production or cultural appropriation in fashion, and later Melbourne Mag will be rallying the troops organising which café everyone will hit for brunch tomorrow.

We’re your older sibling, letting you know what’s going to be cool.