Outback Team

Tania Naven


My name is Tania Naven and I love writing!!! I have been published previously and write a weekly column in the local newspaper which I have been doing for seven years now. I am the new Editor of The Australia Outback Times magazine and am looking forward to the challenges and triumphs ahead.

Keryn Hyslop


Keryn has worked as a photographer, environmental scientist and writer. Her interests include children’s writing and the Australian landscape and society. She lives with her daughter and their pets – three cats and a cheeky chi. Keryn gains daily inspiration from the seaside where she lives and enjoys painting, writing and gardening with other creative pursuits.

Elizabeth Clinen

Proof Reader

I’m a mother, writer and editor currently located on the coast of Western Australia.Becoming a mother was perhaps the most inspiring, motivating event that has ever happened to me. Ive been writing for years writing my first thriller novel at 12 years of age but after I gave birth to my son, my creativity skyrocketed. Now I am so fortunate to spend every day with my two favourite things: my son, and my writing.I write about anything that comes into my mind. Ive written novels, novellas, poems, articles, blog posts, prose, songs, and the odd haiku. I write fiction and non-fiction, serious and humorous, science and spiritual. I love contrast (because Im a Gemini).I adore the outdoors. Being close to nature grounds me in a way that nothing else does, and even though Im the first to complain about the bugs, I secretly dont mind them. One of my goals in life is to become a polyglot, and I’m starting with Russian. I love yoga, I am a voracious reader, and I do my best to choose happiness every day.

Al McCartan


Former broadcaster and journalist – now retired – enjoys the opportunity to ‘scribble’ poetry and short stories.

Paul McMahon


Paul McMahon is an up and coming author as a result of an accident where he fell 3.5 floors to concrete. He survived and part of his recovery was a one month journey from Melbourne to Perth via Outback Australia. Paul is writing a book about the accident and his journey to recovery. He has a Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/paulmcmahonauthor that you can follow if you like the story or like his travel blog. The message is that you should always be proud to be alive, so many do not have that privilege. The worst accident in the world can still direct you into bliss and prosperity.

Erin Jusseaume


Im born and bred in industry, held many rolls, and always striving to raises awareness and leave a lasting mark in the industry, I love so dearly. My journalism provides the platform, where I do my best work, and where I will leave my mark on the world.As a journalist and rodeo competitor, my copy bridges the gap between Australias hidden talents and promoting the best of the best on the world stage. My long term career is to highlight and support the under reported arena of strong rural families and community leaders in the sport of rodeo, and wider rural life. From my days working as a Jillaroo in the Northern Territory and on the plains of the California central coast, I know first hand the struggles and triumphs of women in the Rural world. Even as a competitor, through my days of schooling, through my days at Burdekin Agricultural College, and all in between including completing my degree in Multi Media Journalism at James Cook University. Having competed and worked under many strong influences (Both Equine, Cattle, Photography and Journalism) I aspire to be at the top of the Journalistic world, that tells the stories of hardship and victory of those silent many.I aim to be recognized on the same level as Kendra Santos, a woman who incorporates all that can be achieved in the western and sports lifestyles. I only hope to follow in her footsteps and become as great as she is and be the Journalist that the Rodeo and Rural world look to, to tell their stories here in Australia and around the world

Ben Padgett


Andrew Sands


A young journalism student making his way to the big time. I don’t like being serious so I’ll refrain from doing so wherever I can.Country boy at heart and contributor for the Outback magazine.

James Doyle


James is an award winning author with a specialism in Science and Geography. In 2013, he won The International Reading Association’s Award for Non-Fiction. He has worked with many publishers including Dorling Kindersley and Gibbs-Smith. He is currently working on his superhero book and when he’s not fighting crime and evil wrong-doers, he works as a contributor for TAT! (WHICH IS JUST AS EXCITING AS FIGHTING SUPER VILLANS.)

Lannah Sawers-Diggins


I am a wife, mum, writer, columnist, freelance journo, photographer and a very strong, stubborn, determined and probably extremely painful advocate for several causes, most of which are completely out of left field. While I now live in Perth and have done for over half my life (I am 60 years young and proud of it) I was born in Adelaide and raised on a sheep station in SA. I have remained passionate about that way of life ever since – and always will. So much so, that I am currently writing a book about this huge area and have spent some of the last three – four – five years criss-crossing (all on my lonesome – although I travelled by coach) the outback of SA., NSW., Qld., the NT and WA, visiting sheep and cattle station after station. This year I covered WA, driving much of it, for myself – I am absolutely passionate about this. The book, ‘Red Dust Dreams’ is scheduled to be published around June or July next year.

Mahni Lewis


Bachelor of Media Student at the University of New South Wales majoring in PR and Advertising. Residing in both Sydney and Port Macquarie, has a passion for current affairs at any scale and most especially writing about them. Currently getting a taste for the industry and seeing where it will take her.

Harrison Johnstone


Harrison is an undergraduate journalism and science student at Monash University in Melbourne, Victoria. A country boy at heart, growing up 105 kilometres South-East of Melbourne, he is striving towards a faster-paced life in the urban media space. Harrison contributes to Esperanto Magazine, Hijacked and SYN Media as well as writing sport for two Gippsland based newspapers. You can usually find him glued to the latest clothing trends on Instagram or busting out his Penny board for a quick cruise down the street.

Alexandria Nagy


Alexandria Nagy is a writer from Bathurst New South Wales. She completed her Bachelor of Communications Degree, Majoring in Theatre/Media in 2014 at Charles Sturt University. Alexandria delved into a career in writing after writing a theatre production in 2013. She has since written for CargoART Magazine as a interview and reviews writer, Taylored Productions Blog, McDowells Herbal Magazine as well as our very own Australia Times in the poetry, pets and tattoo sections. Alexandria has a passion for horses having rehomed, re-trained and rehabilitated over 80 horses off the race track over the past 10 years. She extends this passion into her writing and draws from the emotions felt to utilise within her writing. She began as the editor of TATT magazine and is now the editor of Outback Magazine, thriving off the diversity of the role.

Jaime Salcedo


Lauren Magee


Lauren Magee is an aspiring editor and dog lover. Her favourite pastime is sipping a cup of peppermint tea whilst cuddling any dog she can find. Lauren is also the editor of Verandah Journal; a literary and arts publication that emerged from Deakin University, and 2016 marks its 31st year of annual publication. A degree in Arts, majoring in Literary Studies, at Deakin University, has persuaded Lauren to continue her editorial pursuits, and she hopes to be a published writer in the near future. She also runs a blog where books are reviewed and the world of editorial work is examined. For the time being, Lauren is living in Melbourne, Australia, though she is hoping for a great adventure sometime soon.

Alix Whitelaw


Jazmin Malcolm


Originally coming from the small mining town of Collinsville, Jazmin was lucky enough to grow up surrounded by horses, flowing rivers, old, rusty three wheelers and wonderful country folk. She developed a passion for reading and writing early on, telling all who would listen that she wanted to be a librarian when she grew up so she could read and write all day. She soon discovered there was another job that allowed that. Journalism. Since graduating from James Cook University with a Bachelor or Multi-Media Journalism, Jazmin has never looked back and greatly enjoys an ice-cold glass of wine or beer while she investigates stories and writes.

Jessica Willis


I grew up in the foothills of the Snowy Mountains on a cattle and sheep farm. Since leaving school in 2011 at the end of year 11 I have worked on a cattle station in Western Queensland, attended Ag College at Longreach Pastoral College, it was here I completed Certificate III in Agriculture- Specialising in Horse Breeding. I went droving on the Brinkworth Drive in 2013, I’ve worked as a rouseabout, farm hand, as well as spent a short time on a Quarter Horse stud in Victoria and did a very short stint in retail.My greatest passion in life is my horses; I love campdrafting and barrel racing and compete in both as a hobby as much as I can.I am currently living in Darwin with my hyperactive Red Heeler named “Tiny”, undertaking a small business management traineeship, completing Cert IV in Small Business Management while managing a laser tag place.

Erin McWhinney


Erin is a writer and freelance editor from Melbourne. She is soon to complete a Bachelor of Writing & Publishing at Melbourne Polytechnic.

Cam Gilbey