About Poetry


G’day my name is Maureen Clifford aka The Scribbly Bark Poet and as the Editor for The Australia Times Poetry magazine I am really looking forward to sharing with you some Poetry from talented Australian and overseas poets. Over the months to come I will be introducing many poets to you. Some write Australian Bush Poetry, some Haiku and others write free verse. Rhymed or unrhymed you will find it here.

Bush poetry is my passion along with animals and since retiring and moving back to the smoke there has been more time to concentrate on them. I have written poetry for many years and recently ventured out into writing prose and yarns. When boredom strikes, which is not often, doing photo restorations takes centre stage. This is a lot easier on the body than home and furniture restorations or wrangling sheep, but plays havoc with the eyesight. Everything in life has a price.

The only degree I have is a degree of common sense – but thank God there is a bit of it. I like people and I like dogs and have an easy communication with both species. Like my two dogs you will find that I don’t bite, am fairly well trained and always happy to have a yarn with folks and share ideas – so don’t be a stranger. Strangers are only friends we haven’t yet met.

For our poetry friends I am sure many memories and emotions will be awakened by the words you will have the opportunity to read within these pages. So go grab yourself a coffee, sit back, chill out and enjoy.