About Politics


The Politics magazine is dedicated to publishing stories and commentaries by people who are passionate about Politics. Our plan is to create a series of magazines which will give space to political issues. Politics affect all of our lives and in this issue we will publish a range of pieces from local to international. These magazines will be archived and always available to those who wish to read about the problems that plague our world and the people who are committed to discovering how these problems came about and can potentially be solved.

Inside the Politics magazine you will find stories that detail the Australian political landscape and the forces which could shape the upcoming election. We will also include stories which look further afield. The Australia Times Politics magazine is a non-aligned publication; we welcome all voices and invite feedback, comments, participation and even controversy. So, if you have something to say about politics, get in contact, we aim to publish contributions and foster discussion and ideas. The Australia Times Politics magazine is a place where you will find other people who are fervent followers of the people and events that shape politics.