About Science


The Science magazine is about presenting the science behind topical subjects, natural phenomena, new developments, and aspects of our everyday life.

We aim to write in an easy to read style, not too basic, not too technical, so that people of all ages and backgrounds might learn and be inspired.

Inside the TAT Science magazine, you will find news, features and articles on science topics, news on new scientific developments, information on how science works. We will include contributor-generated articles about aspects of science, the scientific community, organisations, science in the work place and the historical development of science.

All the greatest discoveries have grown from a single idea, and the question of, “Why?” We plan to make a series of articles that will be archived into an encyclopedia of scientific knowledge and in this way provide the seeds of ideas for new discoveries of the future.

The Science magazine is a responsive publication and we encourage readers and scientists alike to share your interests with us.

Feedback, suggestions and contributions are welcome.

So grab your imagination and walk with us from the first wheel to the maglev train, from the oceans to the skies, from the science of the past to that of the future.