About Spectrum

spectrumWelcome to SPECTRUM – a magazine dedicated to sexual and gender identity, and The Australia Times’ latest publication.

It’s been a long time in the works, but we think we have finally found the right balance betwen vital information, emotionally charged stories and entertainment.

Social movements thrusting forward the deserved recognition and respect for people not solely, or at all, identifying with heterosexuality and/or what were once perceived as ‘gender norms’, have been hugely successful around the world.

This magazine will continue the push for genuine appreciation for everyone and anyone who huddles under that rainbow flag of eqaulity.

SPECTRUM is a publication that deals with all kinds of stories and issues relating to the LGBT+ community.

It will give voice to those who have been struggling to find it within their own communites, and act as a medium to offer insight into many sexuality and gender related topics that are too often given far too little light.

If you have something to say, we want you to feel comfortable expressing it with us.

Silent minorities must become deafening majorities to bring about social change, and we hope this magazine will be able to promote just that.

Tremendous amounts of sexuality and gender related phobias, and hostility, violence and discriminatory laws toward marginilised groups, still exist across the globe.

Such behvaiour forces millions to hide and fear who they truly are, and is the reason for high attempted suicide rates among youth associating with anything other than heterosexuality and/or male and female genders.

We must continue to strive for genuine impartiality among the LGBT+ community, which will ultimately lead to true respect.

The self-affirming umbrella term, ‘queer’ has come to describe groups of people that do not align with heterosexuality or male and female genders.

This demonstrates an awareness there is in fact a huge spectrum of human sexual and gender expression, and that incredible diversity must be recognised as a testament to the human species.

Most importantly, the ‘queer’ community must no longer be considered abnormal or weird – in 2016, it is critical to understand we are all people, and we all deserve respect, regardless of our gender (or lack of) or sexual orientation (or lack of).

SPECTRUM hopes to act as a stepping stone on the way to this vision and we want you to be apart of our unique and uplifting journey.

If you wish to contribute to this magazine, please send through your stories, ideas, requests and experiences to darren.tendler@theaustraliatimes.com.au, and the editor will be humbled to consider your words for publication.