About TED

TEDThe Australia Times has been an amazing project that touched many people. Through my involvement with TAT I have learnt many things. What really surprised me was the discovery of how few people have heard of TED.

We decided that we should introduce a TED magazine. This would not have worked too well because TED cannot be shared alongside advertising. We decided that spreading the word was important enough to create an ad free space for TED within The Australia Times.

In each edition we will offer a selection of TED talks for you to listen to or watch through our window to TED. We hope you enjoy these.

Each TED Magazine will include:

6 Ted Videos

1 is the cover story and ideally a cutting edge story, breaking news, or something amazing (e.g. 15 year old invents an intelligent brain controlled artificial limbs for under $1,000)

1 is an old classic from the first 2 years of TED

1 is from the TOP 50 most popular (start with top 10 then 20 etc)

3 are editors choice

David Abouav – Founder