About Travel


What is it about Australians that pushes us to seek out other corners of the globe? To go beyond the red dirt, white sands and oceans blue of our home. Is it our innate sense of adventure? Or a curious wonder that brews in the minds of a nation of people so far away from the places we come from?

If you’re travelling for excitement, adventure, escape or to even to reconnect with family and friends, The Australia Times Travel magazine aims to bring you insight into the pieces of the world you’ve always dreamed of and the places you’ve never heard of.

Each issue we will give you glimpses of foreign and domestic destinations and paint portraits of what it’s like to be a traveller out in our modern world. Through feature stories, photographic essays, recipes and postcards, your holiday dreaming starts right here.

Of course, the best part of travel is sharing experiences with others, so if you have stumbled upon a part of the world you would like to talk about, please get in touch.