As the heart of winter hits, its getting cold outside and you may find that your nose has already turned red after the pestilent cold does its rounds. So you may as well don an even brighter red nose in aid of a worthy cause for the annual fundraising event for SIDS and Kids. Red Nose Day helps them provide vital services and programs to the Australian community.


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The Australia Times wants new music writers and reviewers who are looking to get some first-hand experience in the world of journalism.

The Australian Times is a free, magazine based, non-aligned, grassroots, national online publication. We are a blend of professional and citizen journalism creating online content for specialist groups and the community at large.

Each month the TAT Music Magazine will include gig reviews, album reviews, opinion pieces, the latest news on your favourite bands, and what gigs you should go and check out. There’ll be feature articles, regular columns, even guides to surviving the upcoming festivals.
If writing about the above sounds like you – get in touch with Kelly, All positions at The Australia Times are voluntary.

In the famous words of Bryan Ferry, “when you get music and words together, that can be a very powerful thing.”