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I have emailed Ashlea as well:
What a morning of discovery! Through a casual look at Indeed jobs I have found The Australian Times and the GIVE magazine. Its been a great start to Sunday.
I would love the opportunity to chat with you about being a freelance writer for your magazine.

I am a country NSW women – born and bred. I have been lucky to develop a career that allows me to stay in a small country town – albeit with a lot of travelling to Sydney and video conferences!
There are stories of volunteers in my district, both young and old that I can draw from.

Last year I travelled to Tonga as part of cross-cultural journey with Good Return. As I have written in a few articles – it was life-changing.
(See and

Learning more about the wonderful people that give, both in my own backyard and wider to then write about them would be my way of contributing to the world.

I am a mother of 3 wonderful girls (now in their 20s) and can provide several perspectives of
– living in a regional location – the challenges of medical help, learning, growing hobbies
– how country people are sometimes perceived by city folk, and country eyes on city issues
– experiences from raising girls – so many experiences to draw on
– a desire to write
– a need to meet new people
– a new found passion (and skill!) for writing that I want to grow

Some of my work can be found on where I write and publish short stories. I am still working on a style or ‘theme’ so will see they jump from recipes, reflecting, stories about country people, travelling and my family.

If you are looking for someone that would love to provide content as a freelance writer and you think my writing skills can help I would love to hear from you.

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