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I think C.S. Lewis summed it up best: “You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.” I’ve always loved books. As a kid I was the one buried under my doona with a torch, reading until all hours of the night; and while I no longer need to hide under the covers, nothings really changed. Whenever I get my hands on a great book (which is often) I cant put it down, and sleep just becomes unnecessary. I love discovering new books and new authors (whether they’re recently published or just new to me), but there is nothing quite like the feeling of picking up an old favourite for the twentieth time and knowing you cant go wrong. As well as reading I also love writing and am currently working towards a degree in Professional Writing and Publishing. I’m also a bit of a history geek and, to balance out my nerd side, I’m an avid sports fan.

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