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Bryan Clark is a retired journalist now living in Alice Springs with his two blue heeler dogs, Bluey and Cheeky, plus his thoroughbred gelding, Sammy, who is approximately 12 years old.In his earlier life, Bryan has worked in the fields of radio broadcasting, working as a ringer on cattle stations, writing books and poetry, cartooning, an artcraft enthusiast, an advertising representative, a lecturer in Aboriginal music (the didgeridooin particular) with education departments, a probation and parole officer, and as an editor-manager of two rural newspapers in the northwest of Western Australia, the Northern Times and The Gascoyne Telegraph.He has published four books: Yammatji, an Aboriginal oral history, In The Wake of HMAS Sydney II, a naval history, Poems Of Central Australia and Cartoons And Yarns Of The Outback. On his wonky computer, he has two more books in the making: Journey Into Dreamtime (an autobiography based on diaries kept while working in southwestern Arnhem Land in the early 1970s) and Alice And Me (revisiting experiences of his life in Central Australia).For 16 years Bryan was happily married to the American-born poet, Delores, who unfortunately passed away after unsuccessful heart surgery in 1992.Bryan created and maintained the highly successful internet magazine called Voices Of The Outback which scored in excess of 30,000 readers scattered all around the planet, from outlandish places such as Bhutan, Siberia, and even Tasmania!

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