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As we venture through lifeIts as if we are walking backwardsWhile moving forward into timeWe can never be certain of what lies aheadOnly of what trails behindCherina Gray was born in 1962 in the Melbourne suburb of Altona and grew up in a large family of 10.She spent many years of her school age travelling around the Australian coastline camping along the way.After reaching Sydney in 1977 she became a Florist and eventually ran her own business at the age of 22.But the call of the country led her for one reason or another first, into the N.S.W outback town of Pilliga and then to Narrabri where she has lived for the last 22 years; Cherina and husband Rob have raised 4 children in the country town they have come to love and now have 2 grandchildrenIn the past decade life presented a unique challenge to Cherinas health and spirit when she suffered a nervous breakdown. The isolation of living on a quiet property compounded her depression, something not uncommon to country folk. However she turned her life around when she found solace in exploring art and writing poetry.Writing became a wonderful coping strategy for me as I was very withdrawn and emotionally isolatedOnce she started, Cherina wrote poems at every opportunity and within 12 months had self published her first book titled Journey of a Whispering Heart Colours of verse; she successfully launched her book at her debut art exhibition where she produced over 150 designs as a result of 6 years work.She is on the fringes of publishing a second book of poetry and working on a novel which she calls A self portrait spiced with fictionSome of Cherinas stories and poems have been published in The Australia Times poetry online magazine and with ABC open.She is now enrolled with beyondblue and hopes to branch out into speakers bureau and share her journey with others.I love writing straight from the heart and drawing from everyday things as they prompt me.I have been open about my experience which I express through heartfelt poems in my book.I hope to encourage others out there who suffer from mental health issues to know; that even when life presents a challenge, there can be better days ahead of us.If ever I find myself slipping back into sad moods I have a new motto to help meWhen you cant find the right wordsgo and find a pen

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